Estonian e-Residency for UK Citizens

Estonia provides a pioneering business environment coupled with a streamlined tax system, presenting optimal conditions for business registration and operations within Europe.

Initiate Your Estonian Business Online via e-Residency

The e-Residency program simplifies the process of setting up Estonian businesses, enabling complete online execution. This positions Estonia as a highly favorable locale for global business operations by non-residents.

No Corporate Income Tax in Estonia

Many UK entrepreneurs are attracted to Estonia for its tax advantages, seeking to lower their tax liabilities and broaden their international market reach.

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Start Your Company in Estonia Online

Establish a Business in Estonia for UK Citizens via e-Residency.

Establishing a business in Estonia is straightforward and can be completed online, attracting an increasing number of UK entrepreneurs each year seeking to mitigate business risks and optimize taxation.

Why Choose Estonia?

Estonia’s appeal lies in its commitment to innovation, a business-friendly atmosphere, and a tax system that only taxes income distributed as dividends, offering a distinct advantage for business diversification and digital innovation adoption.

About the e-Residency Program

The e-Residency initiative, launched in 2014, aims to draw foreign business and investment to Estonia by enabling online company formation and remote business management.

E-Residents from the UK

The number of UK e-Residents is growing, with nearly 4,600 UK citizens now enjoying the benefits, having registered over 1,100 companies.


Steps for UK Citizens to Register a Company in Estonia

For many UK entrepreneurs, Estonia is becoming a top choice for company registration, facilitated by the convenient and efficient e-Residency program.

Online Company Formation in Estonia via e-Residency

1 day, Starting at 375€

Register through e-Residency quickly and manage your company remotely via Estonia’s Business Register portal, leveraging Estonia’s advanced digital infrastructure.

Online Management of Your Business

The e-Residency program provides comprehensive online business management tools, from banking to tax filing, all accessible remotely.

Our Corporate Services in Estonia

We offer full support for UK citizens in establishing an Estonian business, providing consultation, company setup assistance, and services like legal address, contact person, and accounting.


Process for UK Residents to Acquire e-Residency

Applying for e-Residency is straightforward, integrating your business into the European market.

Become an e-Resident of Estonia

Begin by completing the online form on the official e-Residency website and pay the necessary fee. Upon approval, access a host of digital services and start managing your business online.

Collecting Your e-Residency Kit in the UK

Retrieve your e-Residency kit from the Estonian Consulate in London or other designated locations globally.


Begin Registering Your Business Today!

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We boast over a decade of experience in corporate law and Estonian business registration. We’ve supported numerous UK citizens in launching businesses in Estonia, helping you establish your EU-based enterprise swiftly.

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