How to apply for e-Residency in Estonia?

The procedure for applying e-Residency in Estonia is the first step towards establishing your company in Estonia

E-Residency or electronic residency in Estonia is a unique innovative program that was launched in 2014. It allows foreign citizens to get a digital identity in Estonia and use the electronic services of the Estonian e-State. This includes the ability to register a company in Estonia online and manage one’s business from anywhere in the world through the internet.

How attractive is e-Residency?

As of today, over 100,000 individuals from 181 different countries worldwide have achieved the status of an e-Resident of Estonia. In less than 10 years since the program’s inception, more than 27,000 Estonian companies have been established by e-residents, and this number continues to grow rapidly.

How can I get the e-Residency in Estonia?

Acquiring e-Residency in Estonia is very simple. The procedure of submitting an online application to obtain status of e-Resident, as well as the rights to electronic signatures (eIDAS) and access to all services of Estonia’s electronic state, takes no more than 30 minutes.


Key steps to Become an e-Resident of Estonia

The process of obtaining e-Residency in Estonia is relatively straightforward and consists of a few steps. To acquire e-Residency status in Estonia, one needs to complete an online form on the official program website, pay the fee, and, once approved, collect the e-Residency card at a pre-selected Estonian overseas representation.

Step 1. Fill in the application form

To apply, you must fill in an application form in the electronic environment of the Police and Border Guard Board. The application must be accompanied by a scanned copy of your passport, a passport photo, a CV and a free-form motivation letter about the purposes of applying for e-Residency.

The state fee ranges from € 100 to € 120 and can be paid by bank transfer or by Visa or Mastercard.

Step 2. Waiting

The process of consideration of the application for applying e-Resident status generally takes from 3 to 8 weeks.

Keep in touch! As part of the application process, the Police and Border Guard Board may contact you by e-mail to clarify the nuances specified in the submitted application or other important circumstances.

Step 3. Receive e-Residency

The e-Residency starter kit is available in more than 50 locations around the world if the applicant is granted Estonian e-Residency status. The e-Resident starter kit includes a personalised smart card, a USB smart card reader and an envelope with PIN passwords.

When picking up your e-Resident’s card, you need to carry a valid identification document.

If you have no criminal records or other obstacles, and the purpose of applying for e-Residency status is clear and understandable, your application will most likely be approved.

Upon receiving the e-Resident card, you will be able to start a company in Estonia online on the same day and start using the services of the Estonian e-State from anywhere in the world.


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