Company formation

290 € Via ID-card
450 € Via a notary

Formation of a firm is possible as remotely via ID-card or by a power of attorney, or by a personal presenting of a client at a notary. Firms in Estonia are our specialization!

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Company formation in Estonia

Why should you choose us?

Our team of lawyers and accountants specialize in commercial law and business on the territory of Estonia. The experience we have got during years of work and knowledge connected with Estonian companies let us to offer the first class service to our clients.

We will be happy to consult you as to a firm's formation and will successfully fulfill a formation procedure itself.

Here are reasons to rely on us when you are formating a new company:

  • There are experienced degreed lawyers and accountants;
  • We have established and helped to establish more than 3000 firms;
  • Our clients are as first-time entrepreneurs, as big companies with billions of turnover;
  • We guarantee perfect quality, efficiency and commitment to the each client;
  • If you are our client, you can always get our support and free advice as for commercial law, taxation, accounting

Price list (Establishment of a firm OÜ / LLC and other legal entities)

* Price includes state duty and notary payment:
  • Type of services
  • Firm's formation via ID-card (OÜ / LLC)
  • Firm's formation at a notary (OÜ / LLC)
  • Formation of a nonprofit association via ID-card (MTÜ / NPO)
  • Formation of a nonprofit association at a notary (MTÜ / NPO)
  • Formation of a joint stock company (AS / JSC)
* est. Osaühing or OÜ, engl. - Limited Liability Company or LLC

Price list (Additional services for non-residents)

Мы предлагаем услугу получения заверенных экземпляров корпоративных документов для эстонских компаний, которые содержат базовую информацию о предприятии (наименование, дата регистрации, регистрационный код, адрес), подтверждают текущий статус компании (активна, в ликвидации, удалена из регистра), обозначают перечень лиц, имеющих право представления и подписи от имени юридического лица (члены правления, директора, прокуристы), определяют список собственников и бенефициаров компании, а также предоставляют информацию о принципах внутренних взаимоотношений внутри фирмы (устав).

  • Type of services
  • A procedure of company registration by an attorney (without client's presence)
  • Opening of a bank account by an attorney (without client's presence)
  • A service of a contact person 1 year
  • A service of a legal address 1 year
  • Translation of a power of attorney from English to Estonian
  • Receiving and translation of a company’s register card to English
  • Company stamp
* Translation of a power of attorney from English to Estonian is necessary.

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