Sale of Ready-made companies in Estonia

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Estonia stands out in Europe with its zero corporate tax rate on undistributed profits. This offers unique advantages for practically any business, fostering continuous growth and financial stability.

Estonian Shelf Company – Your Quick Start in Europe

Purchasing a ready-made company in Estonia is a fast and efficient way to enter the European market, saving you time and resources while avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.

Estonian Corporate Tax Rate – 0%

Our goal is to provide each client with impeccable service and support through all stages of purchasing and managing a Estonian company, ensuring transparency and reliability in every transaction or action.

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Offering ready-made Estonian shelf companies for purchase!

For over a decade, we have successfully provided corporate legal and accounting services, specializing in company registration in Estonia and selling ready-made Estonian firms. Over the years, we’ve registered thousands of companies, aiding both local and foreign entrepreneurs in successfully launching and developing their business projects.

Efficient Start for Your Business with a Ready-Made Company

Purchasing a ready-made company in Estonia opens doors for a quick and effective business launch, granting instant access to Estonian and European markets. This is the perfect way to start your venture without the lengthy and numerous registration procedures, allowing you to focus on business development from day one.

Convenience and Flexibility in the Acquisition Process

We offer various convenient purchasing options: you can complete the process in person with a notary in Tallinn or use remote methods, such as executing a sale and purchase agreement by proxy or conducting the transaction online if you have e-Residency.

Our team of experts is ready to support you at every stage of the purchasing process. We ensure full transparency of the transaction and guarantee that every step is taken in compliance with all legal norms and requirements.


Request a list of shelf companies available for purchase

Why spend months registering a new company when you can start operating today? We offer a wide selection of ready-to-use shelf companies. This is the ideal solution for those wanting to quickly start a business in Estonia.

Quick Start for Your Business

Choosing a ready-made company from Eesti Firma saves time and resources for those aiming to immediately enter the European Union’s single market.

We offer a wide range of fully equipped firms, ready for immediate operation. Our portfolio includes companies with various profiles and types of activities, allowing you to choose the most suitable option that aligns with your business goals.

Purchasing a ready-made company through Eesti Firma guarantees transparency and security in all legal procedures. We thoroughly check each firm’s legal status to ensure there are no hidden risks or obligations. Our goal is to provide you with confidence and stability in your business operations.

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We will establish a company for future sale tailored to your needs

In a world where time and individuality are crucial, we offer a unique service – creating custom-made ready companies. This is the perfect solution for those seeking a specific business model or looking to enter a particular market niche.

Precise Alignment with Your Requirements

We will establish and prepare a company that fully matches your requirements and goals.

Each company we create on demand will precisely align with your business plans and strategic objectives. We consider everything: from the field of activity and corporate structure to management preferences and accounting practices. Your ready-made company will be fully prepared for efficient operation from the moment of purchase.

This service saves you not only the time needed for registration and setting up a new company but also avoids bureaucratic hurdles.

We take care of all the legal and organizational work, including preparing documentation, registering with government bodies, and setting up internal processes.

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Eesti Firma OÜ – Your Reliable Partner in Corporate Services

By choosing Eesti Firma for purchasing a ready-made company, you get much more than just the keys to a business. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. From initial registration to daily management and strategic development – our team of professionals is always there to help you achieve business success.

Trust and Transparency in Everything

At Eesti Firma, we understand how important it is for our clients to feel confident in every aspect of their business. We aim for complete transparency in all our operations and decisions, providing you with the necessary confidence and protection. Our reputation is built on trust and openness, key factors in our success and the success of our clients.


Learn more about purchasing a ready-made company today

Considering the option of purchasing a ready-made company in Estonia? Our experts are ready to provide you with all the necessary information and prepare a personalized price offer. We will help you find the perfect solution for your business, ensuring a full range of services for company support and accompaniment.

Ready Corporate Solutions in Estonia – Our Expertise!

We will thoroughly analyze your business goals and preferences to find the firm that perfectly matches your requirements. Our goal is to provide you with the most convenient and effective path to conducting business in the European Union.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have compiled the most relevant questions to help you better understand the process of acquisition, the advantages, and the unique aspects of working with ready-made companies. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

If you have additional questions after reading this section, our team is always ready to provide detailed consultations.

  • What is a ready-made company in Estonia?

    A ready-made company is a pre-registered firm in Estonia, ready for immediate operation. It’s a convenient way to quickly start a business without going through the preliminary registration process.

  • What are the advantages of purchasing a ready-made company?

    Purchasing a ready-made company saves time and resources, allowing for a quick start of operations and providing instant access to Estonian and European markets.

  • What services does Eesti Firma provide?

    Eesti Firma specializes in corporate legal and accounting services, registration, and sale of ready-made firms in Estonia.

  • How does the process of purchasing a ready-made company work?

    You can purchase a company either in person at a notary’s office in Tallinn or remotely, using a notarial power of attorney issued to our law firm’s lawyers, or online through e-Residency.

  • Can I buy a company remotely?

    Yes, purchasing is possible remotely via notarial power of attorney or online through the Commercial Register’s electronic portal if you have e-Residency.

  • How is the legal cleanliness of the company ensured?

    Usually, we offer for purchase only those companies that were established by us strictly for sale and had no prior activity. However, we conduct a thorough check of each company to guarantee the absence of hidden risks and obligations

  • Can Eesti Firma create a custom-made company?

    Yes, we offer a service to create companies on demand, fully tailored to your requirements and goals.

  • What does post-purchase support include?

    Support includes legal and accounting assistance, as well as consultations on management and taxation.

  • What types of companies are offered for purchase?

    We offer companies of various profiles and types of activities, fully equipped and ready for use. In most cases, OÜ or Osaühing (LLC equivalent), the most common and convenient legal form for doing business in Estonia, are offered for sale.

  • Can I request an individual price offer?

    Yes, our specialists are always ready to provide you with a personalized price offer upon request.

  • How does Eesti Firma assist international clients?

    We help foreign entrepreneurs with launching and developing their businesses in Estonia, providing all necessary services.

  • What support is provided at the stage of purchasing a company?

    We ensure complete transparency of the transaction and legal support at every step of the company sale and purchase process.

  • What guarantees does Eesti Firma provide?

    We guarantee full compliance with legal norms and requirements, as well as transparency and security of the transaction.

  • What makes Eesti Firma unique in the market?

    Our individual approach, long-term relationships with clients, and high-quality services distinctly position us in the market as professionals.

  • What are the advantages of e-Residency when purchasing a company?

    e-Residency allows you to manage your business and conduct transactions online, significantly simplifying the purchase process for foreign investors.

  • Can I change the structure of the acquired company?

    Yes, we can assist you in making changes to the corporate structure or management model of the company upon your request.

  • What are the main factors to consider when choosing a company?

    It’s important to consider the type of activity, corporate structure, and legal cleanliness of the company.

  • How quickly can I start operating after purchasing the company?

    After completing the purchase, you can immediately start operating, as the company is fully equipped and ready for use.

  • How is confidentiality ensured in the transaction?

    We strictly maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our clients’ information at all stages of the transaction.

We hope that this FAQ section has been useful for you and has answered the main questions related to the purchase and use of ready-made companies in Estonia. At Eesti Firma, we strive to ensure that every client feels confident and comfortable working with us.

If you have any further questions or are ready to begin the purchase process, please contact us. We are happy to offer individual solutions that best meet your business goals and requirements.

Thank you!

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