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Eesti Firma — is a team of experts in the range of Estonian companies, commercial law and accounting. We offer business services, make business process easier and optimize expenses for local and foreign businessmen.

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Being our client, you will certainly have a first class service and successful result. During our work we have helped to form and have sold more than 3000 of Estonian companies. We are providing more than 100 organizations with a regular accounting service.

Tried and tested during years system of cooperation with clients and collected store of knowledge, let us to offer prices that are often lower than our competitors have to our clients. At that our team will certainly do a service of high quality and will get for you a successful result whether they are formation of a new company or taxation planning questions.

Irrespective of Estonia is a new international market for you or you are a resident of Estonia, we are ready to provide you with full range of services in a commercial, accounting or taxation field.  For non-residents we have developed and are using active a set of trusted documents, on which basis our lawyers will be able to fulfill different and the most difficult procedures, connected with administration, formation or making changes in the commercial register of a company’s statute.

We are a licensed company and have a legal right to supply companies’ formation services for non-residents, to offer services of a legal address, contact person and accounting services.  Our accountants have a legal right to represent your interests in the tax and customs department and in other financial organizations for you. We offer You flexible solutions for a virtual office.

We will be happy to become your reliable partner on Estonian market and promise answerable and professional attitude to the each client.

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