Are you required an accountant’s assistance? We offer accounting and tax management services for Estonian companies: submission of annual reports, preparation for tax reports, financial and tax consulting, VAT-number obtainment and more.

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Crypto license

Our company specializes in assistance with blockchain projects and cryptocurrency licenses obtainment in Estonia since 2017. Obtainment of the crypto licenses provides the ability to transfer your crypto-exchange or crypto-market activities into the EU legal framework.

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Company registration

Do you wish to open a business in Europe and register a company in Estonia? We offer services related to the company incorporation process in Estonia so as further accounting and legal support for local and foreign entrepreneurs.

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  • Business formation

    Business formation

    We offer services for establishing businesses and opening companies in Estonia or other European Union countries. We will help you to set up your enterprise in the EU in the shortest possible time.

    2,500+ companies established

  • Accounting support

    Accounting support

    Accounting, tax and financial consulting. Experienced accountants and consultants. A complete range of accounting and bookkeeping services necessary for the successful operation of your company.

    5000+ submitted accounting reports

  • Legal consulting

    Legal consulting

    Full legal support for enterprises and business projects. Legal advise and consulting in corporate law, finance, Web3, crypto and virtual assets, and AML/CFT. Representation of client interests in court.

    500+ satisfied customers

  • Activity licences

    Activity licences

    Professional assistance in obtaining licenses for business activities in the innovation, finance, blockchain and crypto industries. Implementation and integration of effective payment and AML/KYC solutions.

    1000+ successfully completed projects

Corporate services are our specialty!

We offer company incorporation services in Estonia and other EU countries, as well as full legal and accounting support. Our experts have 10+ years of experience in the field of corporate services.

Need to establish a company in Estonia? We will help you to set up your business and support you in the process of registering a company in Estonia or in other European Union country, so as assisting you with any further support in accounting, annual report submission etc.

Searching for a crypto license? Starting from 2017 we are specializing in providing support to fintech start-ups, crypto exchanges and blockchain related business. Over this time we successfully assisted in crypto license obtainment and beginning of activities to over 300 of our clients.

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Our blog: actual News & Articles

Family Law in Estonia

Family Law in Estonia is regulated by a comprehensive set of legislative norms, at the heart of which is the Family Law Act. This law covers all key aspects of family relationships, including the procedures for entering into marriage and divorce, issues of guardianship and custody of children, settling child support obligations, division of jointly acquired property, as well as other important points affecting family life.

Child Support in Estonia

Alimony is financial aid that one parent (usually the one not living with the child) pays to the other parent to meet the child’s material needs. These payments are intended to cover expenses for housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, and other needs necessary for the child’s care and development.

Artificial intelligence in Europe

This article explores the landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, highlighting advancements, regulatory frameworks, and the impact on industries, economy, and society across European nations. Contact us to innovate in Estonia’s tech-forward environment.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Estonia

Smart contracts, self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code, have gained legal recognition in Estonia. The legal system treats smart contracts with the same seriousness as traditional contracts, provided they meet basic contractual requirements such as offer, acceptance, and consideration. This legal stance paves the way for automated, efficient, and secure transactions across various sectors.

Establishing a Business in Estonia for Lithuanians

Embarking on the exciting journey of establishing a business venture in Estonia is seamless and straightforward, thanks to our skilled legal and consultancy team. We provide end-to-end support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth company setup and a successful beginning of your Estonian business operations.

Setting up a European company in Estonia for Poles

Starting off with the decision to launch a company in Estonia provides Polish businesses with numerous benefits, including growth opportunities and access to the EU’s vast market, essential for scaling and enhancing competitiveness.

Establishing a Subsidiary Company in Europe

The expansion of international companies into the European Union through registering a European branch or subsidiary in the EU opens wide opportunities for access to the single market and strengthening business ties in the region. The process of establishing a subsidiary company in Estonia for foreign enterprises involves several key stages, at each of which we provide complete support and consultancy services. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and worry-free as possible for your business.

Crowdfunding: Mandatory Licensing in the EU

According to the Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 of the European Parliament and Council of 7 October 2020, organizing a crowdfunding platform requires obtaining a specialized license. From November 11, 2023, all crowdfunding platforms are required to have an appropriate license to legally provide their services in the European Union. To obtain a license, providers must demonstrate compliance with a range of criteria, including financial stability, adequate risk management systems, and measures to prevent fraud.

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