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Estonian Crypto License: Your Key to MiCA Compliance

MiCA sets new standards for crypto assets in the EU. As a leader in crypto regulation, Estonia offers licenses that meet these requirements, providing a simple and cost-effective path to launching your projects.

B2B Credit Institution in Estonia

Estonian legislation promotes the development of fintech companies by offering a simplified license for B2B financial services. This facilitates market entry into the EU and enables new players to quickly start providing lending, leasing, and guarantee services.

Deregistration of a Company for Missing Annual Report Deadline

Timely submission of annual reports is key to success in Estonia. Legislative changes in 2023 have tightened control over reporting. Learn how to avoid penalties and deregistration.

Apostille in Estonia

Eesti Firma offers assistance with apostilling corporate documents for use abroad. Our specialists ensure you receive certified extracts from the registry and company charters, as well as their translation and apostille, so your documents are recognized as valid in other countries.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Company in Estonia?

Start your business in Estonia with minimal costs. Various registration methods available: online from €375, in-person from €550, and remotely via power of attorney from €900. Start today!

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