Zero Annual Report

Annual Report for Estonian Companies with No Active Business Operations

Eesti Firma – your reliable partner in company registration in Estonia and providing a full range of corporate and accounting services. In this article, we will explain in detail the zero annual report, its significance, and the submission process to help you navigate this procedure easily.

Annual Report is an important document reflecting your company’s financial status. It must be submitted to the Estonian Commercial Register to inform government authorities and the public about the company’s performance over the past year.

If your company was inactive?

Every Estonian company is required to file an annual report, regardless of whether it was active during the year. This rule applies to all entrepreneurs, including small and medium-sized business owners.

Thus, even if the company had no activity and did not conduct any transactions, submitting an annual report remains mandatory to confirm that the company continues to comply with all legal requirements and maintains its status in the Estonian Commercial Register.

Zero Reporting serves as official proof that the company exists, despite temporary inactivity, and is ready to resume operations at any time.

Zero Annual Report – Only €150

If your company was inactive during the year, you are still required to submit a zero annual report. This confirms that your company complies with all legal requirements and maintains its status in the Commercial Register.

Zero Annual Report is a financial statement submitted by companies when no financial activity occurred during the reporting period. It confirms the absence of income, expenses, and other business operations.

Zero financial reporting serves as official confirmation that the company continues to exist and comply with Estonian legislation, even if it is temporarily inactive.

By turning to the professionals at Eesti Firma, you ensure timely and accurate statement submission. Contact us today for reliable support and peace of mind for your business’s future.

The zero report must be submitted by June 30, and the accounting service fee is only €150, with preparation possible within one business day.

  • Do I need to file an annual report if my company was inactive?

    Yes, every Estonian company is required to submit an annual report, regardless of whether it engaged in active business operations during the year.

  • What happens if I don't submit my company's annual report on time?

    Failing to submit the report on time may result in fines. Prolonged delays could lead to the compulsory removal of the company from the Commercial Register.

  • When is the zero annual report due?

    In most cases, the report for the financial year must be submitted to the Commercial Register by June 30.

  • How much does it cost, and how quickly can a zero report be prepared and submitted?

    The cost of accounting services for submitting a zero report is €150. Our specialists usually prepare and submit the report within one business day.

Thus, the zero report records the absence of income, expenses, and other financial transactions, confirming the company’s existence and compliance with Estonian legislation. Entrust us with your accounting obligations so you can focus on developing your business.

Why is the zero annual report so important?

Zero reporting is not just a formality but a crucial element of company management, ensuring legal protection and stability.

It confirms to government authorities and stakeholders that your company continues to comply with all mandatory legal requirements and maintains its status as an active legal entity, even without commercial activity.

When is the zero statement due?

The annual report is due by June 30 each year. This means that all companies must submit statements for the previous financial year by this date. Late submission of the statement can have significant consequences.

What happens if you don’t submit zero reporting?

Ignoring the obligation to submit the annual report on time may result in fines. The amount of the fine may vary, but it is always an undesirable additional expense. Prolonged delay in submitting the report could lead to the compulsory removal of the company from the Commercial Register, resulting in the cessation of its operations and additional legal complications.

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We offer professional accounting services for preparing and submitting zero annual statements. Our experienced specialists know all the nuances of Estonian legislation and reporting. We guarantee timely submission and compliance with all requirements.

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