Virtual office

We offer a service of a virtual office and a legal address on the territory of Estonia, Tallinn city. The service includes an opportunity to register you company at our address, we receive all incoming post, transfer it to you or scan and send it to your e-mail.

The cost of a legal address is 150 € annually Send enquiry

Legal address in Estonia

Economical, safe, legal.

It is necessary to have a legal address where the company will be officially registered for company's establishment and existing. To avoid expensive space lease and to optimize expenses, we offer you a service of a legal address in Tallinn

This service is limited by Estonian legislation and only entities that have license for work with commercial associations and target funds have a right to offer this service. Our company has the required license and offers a first class service.

Our company has the required license and offers a first class service.

The service includes:

  • One hour consultation as for formating of a company and a legal address;
  • using our address as a legal address of your company;
  • incoming post receiving and its transferring or resending to a client's e-mail;
  • according to you wish, representation or distanced fulfillment of operations (on the basis of a contract);
  • statute documents and a contract for signing.
  • Price list for a service of a virtual office:

    • Type of services
    • A legal address for 1 year in Tallinn city (+incoming post receiving, transferring or resending)
    • A service of a contact person on the territory of Estonia during 1 year
    • A telephone number and call answering from the name of a client during 1 year
    A service of a legal address will be useful as for residents as for non-residents of Estonia.

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