Virtual office in Estonia

Our company offers virtual office services, a legal address, and a contact person – everything you need for a successful company registration in Estonia and conducting business in one of Europe’s most attractive tax jurisdictions.

Contact Person and Registered Address in Estonia

We are a licensed provider of corporate services and a company registrar in Estonia. We guarantee our clients a professional approach, impeccable quality, and 100% reliability.

Legal Address in Estonia – 250 euros per year

You will be able to establish your company at our address, and in turn, we will provide you with a contact person service and ensure the receipt and forwarding of all incoming mail and letters in scanned form to your company’s name.

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Virtual office in Estonia: efficient, economical, reliable!

We have been providing virtual office, legal address, and contact person services for Estonian companies for over 10 years. These services are essential for starting a company in Estonia by foreign entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have assisted in successfully establishing more than 3000 entities, and currently, our services are used by over 1000 local and foreign entrepreneurs.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is a service that allows businesses and individual entrepreneurs to use a professional business address without the need to rent physical office space. This solution is perfect for those looking to reduce operational costs while maintaining a professional company image.

Virtual offices enable you to run your business remotely from anywhere in the world, providing access to essential office functions and administrative services, such as a legal address and contact person. This not only simplifies business management but also makes it easy to scale your operations, tailoring service offerings to current needs without significant investments in infrastructure.

Virtual Office Services from Eesti Firma

Our comprehensive virtual office service at Eesti Firma allows you to use our office as a registration address when establishing your Estonian company, and offers our clients the following capabilities:

  • Using our address as the registered and legal address of the company
  • Option to use a contact person service for your company
  • Receiving paper mail addressed to the company
  • Sending scanned copies of incoming mail to the client’s email
  • Storage of received correspondence and mail for up to 6 months
  • Discounts for regular clients on accounting or legal services

We will provide you with a reliable infrastructure, as well as ensure a professional approach and high-quality services so that your business can thrive in new conditions.


Representative Services in Estonia for Non-Residents

Below, you will find the cost of corporate and representative services required for registering a business and establishing a company in Estonia.

  • Type of services
  • Legal address in Tallinn, Estonia (price for 1 year)
  • Contact person in Estonia (price for 1 year)
  • Legal address + Contact person (price for 1 year)
  • Receipt of correspondence and letters addressed to the company
  • Sending a scanned copy of incoming letter to the client by e-mail
  • Courier delivery of incoming letters (geographical Europe)
  • Courier delivery of incoming letters (other countries)

We offer virtual office, legal address, and contact person services only to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs registered in Estonia. All prices listed do not include VAT if applicable.

Why Choose Us?

Eesti Firma – Your Reliable Corporate Services Partner

What is a virtual office from Eesti Firma? It’s not just a registered address and a legal formality; it’s your key to successfully entering the single market of the European Union. Our specialists will provide you with professional assistance in establishing a legal entity, offer you a legal address in Tallinn, and provide a contact person service.

We Take Care of All the Details

By choosing a virtual office from Eesti Firma, you get not only convenience and professionalism but also peace of mind, knowing that your company fully complies with all Estonian legislation requirements. We will take care of all the details so that you can focus on growing your business.

Eesti Firma – Licensed Service Provider

We are a licensed provider of legal address and contact person services in Estonia, holding a state license as a provider of trust and company services, number FIU000144, issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit, FIU.

Legal Address in Estonia

Registration address service in Tallinn for Estonian companies | €250 per year

Having a legal address is a necessary condition for opening a company in Estonia, regardless of whether the founders are local residents or foreigners.

A legal address is an address registered in the Business Register and used for official postal correspondence with the company and the transmission of official documents.

Registration Address for an Estonian Company

Purchasing a legal address from a service provider specializing in this service is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for a startup or a company owned by non-residents operating from a foreign state.

Legal Address in Tallinn – Everything You Need to Register Your Company

Within the scope of using the legal address service, the client has the right to use our address as the official registration address for their company, as well as the company’s postal address with the right to receive incoming correspondence and letters in the company’s name.

What’s Not Included in the Legal Address Service

The legal address service does not constitute the rental of office space and does not imply the right to use premises located at the company’s address or receive bills for utilities in the company’s name. If you are interested in the possibility of renting real office space for your company, please request this service separately.

Contact Person in Estonia

Contact Person Service for Estonian Enterprises | €250 per year

Having a contact person is a mandatory requirement for the formation and ongoing operation of companies whose registration address is outside Estonia, effective from February 1, 2023. However, we strongly recommend appointing a contact person for companies that have a legal address in Estonia but do not have a board member (director) who is a permanent resident of Estonia.

Our company holds a state license as a company registrar, giving us the legal right to offer contact person services to our clients.

What is the Purpose of Appointing a Contact Person?

The role of the contact person is purely passive and involves the right to receive official notices, statements of will, and other messages addressed to the company. The purpose of appointing a contact person for non-resident companies is to ensure an uninterrupted channel for delivering significant notifications and correspondence to the company.

Who Can Be a Contact Person?

Only specific professionals outlined in the Commercial Code, including notaries, auditors, and licensed company registrars, can be appointed as contact persons. The contact person’s details are recorded on the company’s registration card and become part of the company’s contact information.


If you are interested in acquiring a legal address or contact person service in Estonia or have questions regarding the company incorporation in Estonia, don’t hesitate to reach out to our lawyers and consultants!

Companies in Estonia – Our Specialty!

By turning to us, you will not only get a registered address and a contact person for your company but also a reliable partner ready to support you at every stage of your business activities. Our primary goal is to make conducting business in Estonia more accessible and efficient for you.

Virtual office in Estonia | FAQ

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions that our consultants encounter in the course of their work. Perhaps you will find this material interesting to read.

  • What is the number of letters which may be received when using the legal address service?

    The annual fee of 150 euros includes the ability to receive and send up to 10 scanned letters per month.

  • How long will the letters received in the name of the company be kept?

    All received letters are stored for 6 months, and if the client does not request to extend the storage period or to send the original letter to him/her, incoming correspondence will be destroyed in a safe way.

  • Can I arrange the delivery of parcels with goods to my legal address?

    The legal address service is primarily designed to register a company and to receive incoming letters in the company’s name, containing information on paper. Usually, we do not accept parcels received in a client’s name that contain any goods or items, except for bank cards and other small items, which are necessary to obtain at the legal address in accordance with established practice.

  • Can I register more than one company at a legal address?

    Yes, you can register more than one firm at our address, but the legal address service for each company is charged separately.

  • Can I really use the premises located at the legal address of the company?

    A legal address service is not inherently an office space rental service and does not imply the right to use the premises located at the company’s address.

  • Can I receive a utility bill in the company’s name to my legal address?

    Legal address service does not imply the possibility of receiving utility bills in the company’s name. As proof of the connection between your company and the legal address it uses, you can provide an invoice or contract for the services in question, or we can prepare an appropriate certificate. If you are interested in renting actual office space for your company, please request this service separately.

  • Does the contact person have the right to sign or represent the company?

    No, this person does not have this right; the contact person has no authority to take any action on behalf of the company. The only function of the contact person is the right to receive official correspondence and documents addressed to the company.

  • Can my friend or business partner become a contact person for my company?

    No, this is impossible. The list of persons who may act as a contact person is clearly defined in the Commercial Code. Only a notary, lawyer or law office, sworn auditor or a person holding a company registrar’s licence may be appointed as a contact person.

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