We offer our services and tax consultations for crypto-companies, blockchain projects and private crypto investors.

Our company specializes in a combination of legal and accounting support for cryptocurrency businesses since 2017. We use exclusively advanced methods when it comes to our working procedures in accounting reports and only the most innovative IT solutions.

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Bookkeeping for crypto companies and crypto investors

Our accountants have over 5 years of work experience in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain and innovative financial technologies. Over years of work experience, we’ve developed our own methods of virtual assets accounting and we use only the most advanced and efficient accounting IT solutions in our work.

We provide bookkeeping services to crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency stocks, ICO projects, cryptocurrency funds and crowdfunding platforms, as well as blockchain projects of another direction. Moreover, we offer consulting services and tax consultations for private cryptocurrency investors.

  • Accounting support for cryptocurrency companies and blockchain projects

    We offer combined accounting services for cryptocurrency companies.

    • Preparation of annual reports
    • Balance sheet preparation, profit reports and funds flow reports
    • Processing of cryptocurrency exchanges’ statements and cryptocurrency wallets
    • Commission bookkeeping, spreads, and the true rate of cryptocurrency transactions
    • Management of separate accounting of client’s and personal funds of the company
    • Management of bookkeeping paperwork for going through the auditing process

  • Bookkeeping services and tax consulting of cryptocurrency investments.

    We assist investors –natural persons to calculate and optimize the tax load of investment activities in virtual assets, as well as prepare all the necessary tax reporting.

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Cryptocurrency accounting

Cryptocurrency accounting is the process of tracking and recording the value of your virtual or cryptocurrency assets, which includes the processing and analysis of all transactions made by your company as part of its business operations or, if you are a private blockchain investor, in your crypto wallet or in your personal account on a cryptocurrency exchange. The aim is to have an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of a company’s balance sheet and equity capital or the value of a private investor’s investment portfolio, to correctly calculate the tax liabilities arising during the receipt of profits from cryptocurrency investments, to account for losses incurred when calculating the tax burden and to be able to submit a transparent and understandable report to the tax authorities. As well as being an essential part of responsible cryptocurrency investor’s activity, proper bookkeeping also makes it easier to comply with tax laws and report your income.

The provision of accounting services for virtual assets and cryptocurrencies, as well as investments related to them, is becoming more relevant and significant as the value of cryptocurrencies increases and the blockchain technology market develops. Thus, if you are a cryptocurrency businessman or crypto-investor, it is extremely important that you take the time to properly record and reflect in your accounting records all the transactions made on your digital wallet or on exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp or Kraken. This ensures that you have up-to-date information about the financial standing of your company or your investment portfolio and do not breach any tax obligations that could lead you to penalties and fines. In addition, proper accounting of cryptocurrency also allows you to comply with tax laws and report your income.

Crypto accountant

A cryptocurrency tax accountant is a professional who helps individuals and companies calculate the value of cryptocurrency assets, as well as understand and optimise the tax burden of investments in cryptocurrency and virtual assets. Cryptocurrency accounting and taxation accountants make recommendations on how to properly account for the book value of your crypto assets, notify regulatory authorities of income associated with virtual assets, manage your investment portfolio and pay taxes on the arising profits. Having an experienced specialist in the field of accounting for cryptocurrencies and virtual values will help ensure that you, as a crypto businessman or a crypto investor, comply with all applicable rules.

Unlike traditional accountants, specialists who provide services in the field of cryptocurrencies and virtual assets have a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and its financial component, and also navigate freely in investment taxation issues. Cryptocurrency accountants will undertake the organisation of effective accounting and record keeping of your cryptocurrency transactions and investments in virtual assets, as well as give recommendations on how and in what form it is best to store your cryptocurrency assets and how to behave as correctly as possible in the context of compliance with tax legislation. Therefore, if you are looking for an accountant to work with your cryptocurrency company or account for your investments in virtual values, then you need to carefully verify the competence of the candidate for this position.


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