Company in Estonia for e-Residents

Estonia is the first country in the world to offer e-Residency to foreign nationals. e-Resident status provides its holder with an electronic digital identity and digital identity document, as well as the ability to use a digital signature that complies with all EU rules and standards.

e-Resident status allows you to use most of Estonia’s e-state services, the most actual of which is the ability to register a company online and then manage your business remotely without being tied to a specific location.

If you are a ‘digital nomad’, freelancer, IT specialist, startup or crypto-project manager or an e-commerce entrepreneur, the e-Residency concept and the company establishment in Estonia will be the most effective tools for achieving your goals and will be an important step towards establishing and expanding your business project to the international market.

We can help you to obtain an e-Residency and register a company in Estonia from anywhere in the world.

We guarantee reliability, operativeness and a professional approach. Our advisers, lawyers and accountants have many years of experience and are competent in solving the most complex tasks. Contact us for advice on becoming an e-Resident and registering a firm in Estonia.

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Online company registration in Estonia

Start a company in Estonia with the e-Residency just in 1 day!

For foreign nationals who have received the e-Resident’s card, Estonia provides the opportunity to use e-state services on an equal basis with locals, including registering companies online and remotely managing their business through the electronic environment of the Commercial Register.

Our country ranks among the top countries with the most favourable business climate and level of economic freedom. Registering a company in Estonia may be the best solution for internationalising your project or restructuring an existing business. The main advantages of establishing an enterprise in Estonia include the following:

  • Undistributed company profits are tax-free (0% corporate tax rate)
  • Quick and easy online company registration in 1 day
  • When registering a company, it is possible not to pay the amount of the authorised capital
  • 100% non-residents of Estonia can be participants and directors of the company
  • The ability to manage the company remotely from anywhere in the world


We are a close-knit team of professional advisers, lawyers and accountants and specialise in corporate and financial law as well as legal and accounting support for businesses in Estonia. Eesti Firma is a licensed company registrar that is authorised to offer legal address and contact person services in Estonia. Our company holds the state license of provider of trust and company services No. FIU000144, issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit, FIU.

We guarantee impeccable quality, operativeness, responsible and a professional approach to every client. Companies in Estonia are our specialty!


The e-Residency programme launched in 2014 gives foreigners the possibility to access and actively use the electronic services of the Estonian state on an equal footing with locals. Estonia has well-developed electronic state, where most significant actions have long been carried out online via the internet. Via electronic communication channels, documents and contracts are signed, companies are registered, labour relations are formalised, real estate deals are made, etc.

The e-Resident status gives its holder many advantages and possibilities, among which the following should be mentioned in the first place:

  • Universal electronic signature

    The e-Resident’s Digi-ID is a digital document used in an electronic environment to identify its holder and affix an electronic digital signature. Electronic signature certificates are stored on a personalised smart card with a microchip, which is issued as part of the e-residency programme and is provided with pin codes known only to the holder. The electronic signature complies with all rules and requirements outlined in the Regulation No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services). The electronic signature issued in Estonia is accepted by the vast majority of service providers and counterparties within the EU. A digital signature affixed using an e-Resident’s card is legally equivalent to an ordinary signature.

  • Registering a firm in Estonia online

    The most common purpose of obtaining e-Residency and its further use is to register a company in the legal field of the Republic of Estonia. E-Residents get the opportunity to register a company online, quickly and conveniently, from anywhere in the world through the electronic environment of the Estonian Commercial Register, and subsequently to manage the existing company without being tied to any place in the world.

  • Access to e-State services

    Ability to use the electronic services of state institutions (Commercial Register, Tax and Customs Board, etc.) and private companies (banks, payment systems and other service providers) on an equal footing with Estonian residents.


In addition to companies and projects engaged in classic activities, Estonia with its e-State, e-Residency programme and absence of corporate tax on undistributed profits may become the best organisational solution for creating and developing innovative business projects in the field of IT, cryptocurrency and blockchain, investment collection, e-commerce, etc.

  • Startups

    A startup is a company starting its activity, whose aim is to develop and launch an innovative and unique business model or product with the potential for global growth. Estonia is one of the most attractive jurisdictions for organising startups, attracting investments and implementing the first steps towards achieving the goals set for the company. Obtaining e-Resident status and developing your project in an e-State will relieve you of unnecessary bureaucracy and location-based ties, and the absence of income tax on undistributed company profits will provide an opportunity to reinvest all earnings into project development. Startup status is granted by a committee of experts at the Ministry of the Interior within 10 days of the application and gives, among other things, the company’s founders and employees the opportunity to obtain, under the simplified procedure, a startup visa or residence permit to work and develop their project in Estonia.

  • IT-companies

    A developed e-State, no tax on undistributed company profits, an active IT community, state support for the IT sector and the possibility for executives and employees to obtain work visas and residence permits under the simplified procedure make Estonia one of the most attractive jurisdictions for establishing and developing an IT company. Register your company online, put together an international team, organise the attraction of investments and start developing your IT project in the near future.

  • Freelancers

    Obtaining Estonian e-Resident status can be an ideal organisational solution for members of the liberal professions and other professionals providing their services on a freelance basis, such as programmers and IT specialists, journalists and copywriters, designers, translators, consultants, coaches and others. The absence of bureaucracy and taxes on undistributed company profits and the possibility of registering a company and opening a current account (payment systems like Wise, Paysera, etc.) online, together with remote management of the business from anywhere in the world, will certainly give a tangible boost to professional development, growth of the client base and recognisability of the freelancer.

  • E-Commerce

    E-Commerce or e-Trade is the business activity of selling goods or providing services through electronic distribution channels, primarily through specialised online resources and online trading platforms. The progressive economic model of the e-State, a simple and clear taxation system, and government support for entrepreneurship and the digital economy make Estonia one of the most attractive jurisdictions for the development of online business, including e-Commerce. Register your company in Estonia online with e-Residency, open corporate current accounts with payment systems (Wise, Paysera, etc.) and start making online sales on behalf of your company in the nearest future. Open your online shop or create professional accounts (merchant accounts) on the most popular and visited marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and offer your products and services to millions of potential customers worldwide.

  • Cryptocurrency companies

    Estonia is one of the few jurisdictions whose legal framework recognises the phenomena of virtual currencies and virtual values, and allows for legal services related to the exchange (virtual currency exchange service) and storage (virtual currency wallet service) of cryptocurrencies, tokens and other virtual instruments. In order to provide these services, as well as to set up a cryptocurrency exchanger or cryptocurrency exchange, you must be authorised and licensed to handle cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies (obtain licence of a provider of a virtual currency service). Bring your blockchain project into the Estonian and EU legal framework – register your company online with the e-Resident’s digital ID, fulfil all the statutory conditions and get your licence of a provider of a virtual currency service in Estonia.

  • Investment projects

    The jurisdiction of the Republic of Estonia can be an effective tool for organising investment projects of various types and orientations. For example, it is possible to use simplified financial and investment licensing regulations to set up a crowdfunding company or a small alternative investment fund (AIF) in order to organise the process of raising collective investments and further asset management.

Our specialists have many years of experience in supporting startups and innovative businesses of all kinds and orientations. Contact us for more information.


The procedure for applying for e-Resident status, e-signature rights and access to all Estonian e-state services takes no more than 15 minutes.

  • Fill in the application form

    To apply, you must fill in an application form in the electronic environment of the Police and Border Guard Board ( The application must be accompanied by a scanned copy of your passport, a passport photo, a CV and a free-form motivation letter about the purposes of obtaining e-Residency. The state fee ranges from € 100 to € 120 and can be paid by bank transfer or by Visa or Mastercard.

  • Waiting

    The process of consideration of the application for obtaining e-Resident status generally takes from 3 to 8 weeks. Keep in touch! As part of the application process, the Police and Border Guard Board may contact you by e-mail to clarify the nuances specified in the submitted application or other important circumstances.

  • Receive e-Residency

    The e-Residency starter kit is available in more than 50 locations around the world if the applicant is granted Estonian e-Residency status. The e-Resident starter kit includes a personalised smart card, a USB smart card reader and an envelope with PIN passwords. The exact list of locations for getting the starter kit is available at the following link. When picking up your e-Resident’s card, you need to carry a valid identification document.

With the e-Resident’s digital ID you can open a firm in Estonia online and use the services of the Estonian e-State from anywhere in the world.


The following are the most relevant additional services needed to set up and run a successful business in Estonia. All the services outlined below are offered in-house by our team, with no third parties involved in the execution of the work.

  • Legal address and contact person

    In order for e-Residents to start a business and register a company in Estonia, a registered office and a contact person are required. Our company is a licensed company registrar and offers its clients the full range of services needed to establish a firm and successfully start a business, including a legal address service with receiving and forwarding of incoming mail and a contact person service to ensure an uninterrupted communication channel between the company and the Estonian state authorities.

  • Accounting

    Our accountants have many years of experience and are professionals on their craft. We will advise you on all matters relating to taxation and optimisation of tax burden, organisation and maintenance of accounting records, work with human resources, obtaining VAT and EORI numbers and filing of accounts for your company. Our specialists will undertake all routine bookkeeping tasks for your company as well as timely preparation and filing of monthly tax returns to the Tax and Customs Board (including KMD, TSD, VD, MOSS, OSS and IOSS returns), annual accounts as an annual report to the Commercial Register, and statistical reports to the Statistics Estonia.

  • Legal services

    Our lawyers will offer you comprehensive support and assistance in resolving issues in the field of commercial, financial and civil law of the Republic of Estonia and the EU. Specialists of our company have many years of experience in IT and intellectual property law, labour and migration law as well as obtaining permits and operating licences. We will give you a detailed and comprehensive advice, prepare and analyse legal documentation, assist you in negotiations and, if necessary, represent the interests of the client before the state authorities or the courts.

  • Opening current accounts

    Companies registered in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Estonia are entitled to open current accounts with banks and payment services all over the world. Our specialists will advise you on how to open a current account for your firm both with Estonian banks and with financial and payment institutions in other jurisdictions, taking into account your needs and wishes, the field of activity and specifics of doing business, as well as the range of services and possibilities offered by the payment service provider.

  • Corporate documentation

    If necessary, our specialists will assist you in obtaining, certification by official authorities, apostilisation and translation of various corporate documents such as: registry card, articles of association, memorandum of association, list of beneficial owners, certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing, tax residency certificate and other official documents.

If you require any services that are not indicated in the list above, please contact our specialists and clarify the cost and conditions for obtaining the service you require.


For individual advice on obtaining e-Resident status, as well as registering a company in Estonia and providing further services and support, please contact our specialists by phone, e-mail or by using the feedback form on our website.

e-Residency in Estonia | Frequently asked questions FAQ

Below are the most common questions and answers regarding the topic of obtaining e-Resident status, opening a company in Estonia, organizing business processes and conducting commercial activities. Perhaps you will find this material interesting to read.

  • How fast is the registration of a company with an e-Residency card?

    An application for company registration submitted electronically is processed by the Commercial Register by the end of the next business day at the latest.

  • What is the minimum amount of authorised capital and is it necessary to contribute it?

    The minimum authorised capital for the registration of a company (Limited Liability Partnership, LLP) is € 2,500. The authorised capital can be deposited to a temporary bank account of the company as part of the establishment process, or the contribution of funds can be postponed for an indefinite period. Until the authorised capital has been formed and paid up, unit holders are liable for the operations of the company with their personal funds to the extent of the outstanding contribution, and the company has no right to distribute profits or pay dividends.

  • How to choose the right field of activity for the firm to be registered?

    When registering a company, it is possible to specify only one intended field of activity from the relevant classifier. The scope of activities designated in the Commercial Register is of an informative nature and does not constitute a legally binding circumstance. A legal person has the right to conduct its business activities in any area permitted by law, including several areas at the same time. If the activity requires registration or a licence, these requirements must be met before the activity commences.

  • How can I register a company if I do not have an e-Resident’s digi ID?

    If you do not have an e-Residency card, you can register your company in person when you arrive in Estonia or by submitting a relevant notarised power of attorney to our company lawyers.

  • Can I register a joint company with my business partners?

    Yes, it is possible. There is no statutory limit on the number of members or directors in a company. If the company is to be registered electronically, all persons involved (founders, directors) must have an e-Resident’s card.

  • Can another legal entity act as a founder of the company?

    Yes, it is possible. If one of the shareholders of the company to be incorporated is a foreign legal entity, successful registration will require corporate documentation (registry card or its equivalent) issued by a competent authority of the country of incorporation and certified by apostille (or legalised through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Also, the company representative authorised to sign must have an e-Residency card.

  • What kind of reporting are companies registered in Estonia required to submit?

    All the legal entities registered in Estonia are obliged to maintain accounting. At the end of the business year, every company is obliged to submit an annual report to the Commercial Register, regardless of whether the company is active or not. If a company is registered as a VAT payer or makes payments to individuals (salaries, dividends, other remunerations), it is obliged to submit monthly reports to the Tax and Customs Board.

  • Does e-Resident status entitle me to a visa or residence permit?

    The e-Resident status grants its holder solely the right to an electronic signature, which complies with all security standards arising from Estonian and EU legislation, by means of which it is possible to use the electronic services of the Estonian e-State. This status does not provide for any other privileges, including the right to obtain a residence permit, tax residency, entry or work visas

  • Is it required to pay a salary to the members of the management board (directors) of the company?

    Members of the management board (directors) of the company have the right not to receive remuneration (salary) for their activities and work related to the management and representation of the company.

  • Does the company have to pay taxes for employees who do not work or reside in Estonia, including freelancers?

    If a company makes payments to employees who reside and perform work abroad and at the same time are not Estonian tax residents (e. g. freelancers), there is no obligation for the company to declare such payments to the Tax and Customs Board and pay taxes to the Estonian state treasury. Non-resident employees performing work for the company outside Estonia must declare their income to the tax authorities of their country of tax residence.

  • What is required for the e-Residency card to function properly?

    The first step is to download and install the software for the Estonian ID-card (functions on the same principles as the e-Resident’s card) from the website When installing this software, we recommend granting the system all requested rights and access, including allowing Token signing plug-ins and extensions to be added to the internet browsers on your computer. You will be able to use the DigiDoc4 client software installed on your computer to sign documents electronically, and the confirmation of your identity on the internet will take place when your e-Residency card interacts with the browser extension (we recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). In case of technical difficulties, we recommend that you restart your computer, use an alternative browser or reinstall the software. If you have any questions, you can contact us or the support of the government portal

  • Can an Estonian company buy or invest in cryptocurrency or other virtual values?

    Yes, it is possible. Legal entities registered in Estonia are free to buy and own cryptocurrencies and invest in cryptocurrency assets and other virtual values. All virtual assets should be subject to accounting and recorded on the company’s balance sheet. If a company invests its own funds in cryptocurrency and uses third-party services or exchanges for this purpose, i. e. acts as a consumer of the service, it is not required to obtain any permits for such activities. If the company intends to provide its clients with cryptocurrency exchange services or will create cryptocurrency wallets for its clients, then a virtual currency service provider licence is required.

  • Is an Estonian company allowed to open current accounts with foreign banks or payment systems?

    Yes, it has this right. The legislation does not establish any criteria or restrictions for choosing a payment service provider, which means that firms registered in Estonia are free to decide which banks or payment systems to use. In recent years the practice of opening current accounts with foreign payment systems, such as Wise or Paysera, has become widespread, due to the simple onboarding process and ease of use of technological solutions of the mentioned service providers.

  • What is a contact person and why is one required?

    The main function of the contact person is to provide a guaranteed channel of communication and give official information to company representatives. A company established by e-Residents must provide, at the time of registration with the Commercial Register, the details of the contact person to whom procedural documents addressed to the company, or third party declarations of intention, may be delivered. When official documentation intended for a company is delivered to a contact person, the designated information will by default be deemed to have been delivered to the company as well.

  • When and how can a company pay dividends to its owners?

    Companies registered under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Estonia have the right to distribute profits derived from business operations, i. e. to pay dividends to their shareholders (participants). Dividends are paid on the basis of the company’s profit for the previous business year, which is recorded by submitting an annual report to the Commercial Register. A prerequisite for the implementation of the dividend distribution process is the presence of the authorized capital formed and registered in the Commercial Register. The dividends are subject to income tax at the rate of 20/80, i. e. if you decide to distribute an amount of € 100,000, € 20,000 will constitute the income tax payable and € 80,000 will be paid to the company owners.

If you have not found an answer to your question, feel free to contact our consultants, lawyers and accountants and we will be happy to help you and together we will find a solution to any situation.


Below are the prices for the service of registering a firm in Estonia online with the e-Residency, as well as for additional and related services.
  • Type of services
  • Company registration using e-Residency *
  • Legal address (price for 1 year)
  • Contact person (price for 1 year)
  • Legal or accounting advice (price for 1 hour)
  • Opening of corporate payment account (price from)
* The indicated fee for company registration includes the state duty of € 265, preparation of an electronic petition to the Commercial Register and support throughout the incorporation process, as well as up to 1 hour of legal and/or accounting advice

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