Start a company in Estonia using e-Residency

Estonia is the first country in the world to offer foreigners “electronic residency” or “e-Residency” – a digital identity with electronical signature rights that comply with all EU regulations and standards.

Establish your business in EU via the Internet in a few hours!

e-Residency allows you to use most of Estonia’s e-state services, the most actual of which is the ability to register an Estonian company online and then manage your business remotely without being tied to a specific location.

We can help you to apply for e-Residency and incorporate a company in Estonia from anywhere in the world.

We guarantee reliability, operativeness and a professional approach. Our advisers, lawyers and accountants have many years of experience and are competent in solving the most complex tasks.

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Online company registration in Estonia

Start a company in Estonia and run a business in EU using e-Residency

Estonia became the first country in the world to successfully develop and implement “electronic residency” or “e-Residency”. Since the launch of the e-Residency program in 2014, over 100,000 people have obtained e-Residency status and more than 27,000 Estonian companies have been created by them.


Main advantages of establishing a company in Estonia using e-Residency

Estonia is one of the most attractive countries in Europe for business establishment and has consistently ranked among the top jurisdictions with the most favorable business and tax climate (1st place, International Tax Competitiveness Index) and level of economic freedom (18th place, Ease of Doing Business Index).

The main advantages of starting a business in Estonia are the following:

• Retained earnings are not taxed (corporate tax rate is 0%)

• Fast and simple online company registration within a day

• Minimum share capital is 0.01 euros

• The company’s shareholders and directors can be 100% foreigners

• Ability to remotely manage the company from anywhere in the world

• Full integration into the EU legal and customs space

Registering a company in Estonia is the best solution to introduce your project to the European Union market or to restructure and enhance the efficiency of an existing business.


Electronic digital identity and digital ID of an e-Resident of Estonia

The e-Resident Digital ID is a digital document used in the electronic environment to identify the identity of its owner and affix a digital signature. The carrier of electronic signature certificates is a smart card with a microchip, which is issued as part of the e-Residency program and is equipped with PIN codes.

Digital signature compliant with the eIDAS standard

The electronic signature complies with all the requirements specified in Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 910/2014 of 23 July 2014 (eIDAS).


Get an e-Residency and create a company in the EU online

Foreign citizens who are granted an e-Residency gain the ability to use Estonian e-government services on an equal footing with local residents, including the ability to register companies online and remotely manage their business through the electronic environment of the Business Register.


It’s very simple to apply for e-Residency in Estonia!

The procedure for obtaining e-Residency in Estonia is very straightforward. The first step is to complete an online application, then pay the state fee and, upon approval, pick up your e-Residency starter kit at a pre-selected location.

e-Residency in Estonia | State fee: 100 euros, Duration: 4-6 weeks

Once you have e-Residency, you can formate your company online on the Estonian Business Register portal and start your business operations within the EU.


Step-by-step guide to registering a company using an e-Residency

The online portal of the Commercial Register has a simple and clear interface — setting up a business in Estonia online using an e-Residency will take you no more than half an hour.

Do you need our assistance?

If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance — our lawyers and consultants will be happy to assist you in addressing all matters and tasks related to registering your business.

1. Check the availability of the desired name

Before starting the process of business creation, we strongly recommend checking the desired company name, which should be distinct from the already registered commercial names.

2. Choose the field of activity

When registering a company, it’s necessary to specify the main area of activity of your enterprise from the EMTAK classifier. The area of activity is purely informational in nature.

3. Acquire a legal address and contact person service

During the company establishment procedure, you need to specify the legal address and contact person of the company. If needed, we will provide you with these services.

4. Fill out the online petition

The application for company incorporation is submitted through the Business Register portal. To access the web environment, you will need e-Residency and PIN-1.

5. Sign the petition

A completed and approved petition for company formation must be signed via e-Residency using PIN-2.

6. Pay the State Fee

The state fee for online company establishment is 265 euros. Payment details and a unique reference number can be found at the end of the petition after signing it.

7. Wait

The Commercial Register will consider the submitted application no later than the end of the next working day, however, in most cases, setting up a company takes only a few hours.

8. Your company is ready

You will receive a notification about the successful completion of the company formation procedure by e-mail. After that, you can proceed with opening a current account and start your project activities.

Technical guidance on setting up your operating system and internet browser for proper work with e-Residency can be found here.


Corporate Services for e-Residents

We want to become your reliable partner in the field of corporate services in the European Union. Our goal is to make the process of creating and managing your business as simple and transparent as possible.

Below are the prices for the service of registering an enterprise in Estonia online with the e-Residency, as well as for additional and related services.

  • Type of services
  • Company registration using e-Residency *
  • Legal address (price for 1 year)
  • Contact person (price for 1 year)
  • Legal or accounting advice (price for 1 hour)
  • Opening of corporate payment account (price from)
  • Applying for EORI number
  • Applying for VAT number

* The indicated cost of company incorporation includes a state fee of 265 euros, preparation of an electronic petition in the Commercial Register, and support throughout the entire company registration process.


Can I establish a company in Estonia without having an e-Residency?

You can start a company easily and simply using alternative channels and opportunities.

Alternative options for starting a business in Estonia

Thus, in addition to the possibility of establishing a company online using an e-Residency, a company can be incorporated in personal presence on the territory of Estonia or remotely by power of attorney, which must be issued in the name of our lawyers.


Services that may be relevant for e-Residents

The following are the most relevant additional services needed to set up and run a successful business in Estonia. All the services outlined below are offered in-house by our team, with no third parties involved.

Legal Address

To successfully register a business in Estonia, e-Residents need to have a local legal address. We offer a legal address service in Tallinn with the option to receive and redirect incoming mail and other correspondence.

Contact Person

A contact person is strongly recommended for companies belonging to e-Residents and that do not have a physical office in Estonia. The sole function of the contact person is to receive official mail and documentation to ensure a reliable communication channel between the company and government agencies.


Our accountants have many years of experience serving e-Resident companies and are professionals in their field. We will advise you on tax matters, organization and maintenance of accounting, working with staff, obtaining VAT and EORI numbers, as well as offering a complete range of accounting services related to the submission of monthly tax reports and annual financial statements.

Legal Services

Our lawyers offer comprehensive support and assistance to e-Residents in addressing issues in the field of commercial, financial, and civil law of the Republic of Estonia and the EU. Our company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of IT law, intellectual property protection, labor and immigration law, as well as obtaining permits and licenses for operations.

Opening of Settlement and Payment Accounts

Estonian companies owned by e-Residents have the right to open accounts in banks and payment services worldwide. We will advise you on opening accounts for your company in both local banks and financial and payment institutions in other jurisdictions, considering your needs and preferences, business area, and specifics of business management.

Corporate Documentation

We will assist you in obtaining, certifying, apostilling, and translating such corporate documents as: registry card, articles of association, memorandum of association, certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing, tax residency certificate, and more.

If you require any services that are not indicated in the list above, please contact our specialists and clarify the cost and conditions for obtaining the service you require.


Why you should turn to us?

Eesti Firma is a licensed company registrar and holds the state license of Provider of Trust and Company Services number FIU000144, issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Eesti Firma – who we are?

We are a close-knit team of advisers, lawyers and accountants and specialise in corporate law as well as legal and accounting support for businesses in Estonia. We guarantee impeccable quality, efficiency and professional approach to every client.

Corporate services in Estonia is our specialty!

For individual advice on applying for e-Residency, as well as online company registration in Estonia and its further support, please contact our specialists and consultants.

e-Residency in Estonia | FAQ

Below are the most common questions and answers regarding the topic of obtaining e-Resident status, opening a company in Estonia, organizing business processes and conducting commercial activities. Perhaps you will find this material interesting to read.

  • Who can become an e-Resident?

    Estonian e-Residency is available to anyone in the world.

  • How much does it cost to get e-Residency?

    The cost may vary, but on average it is about 100-120 euros.

  • How long does the process of obtaining e-Residency take?

    Typically, the procedure for obtaining e-Residency takes from 4 to 6 weeks after submitting the application.

  • For how long is e-Residency issued?

    e-Residency is issued for 5 years, after which it can be extended.

  • What is the main condition for issuing e-Residency?

    You should have a clear understanding of the reason why you are applying for e-Residency and how you should be able to explain how you plan to use it.

  • Can my e-Residency application be rejected?

    Yes, all applications are considered individually and if any negative circumstances arise, your application may be rejected.

  • Can I establish several companies under e-Residency?

    Yes, you can have several companies at the same time.

  • Does e-Resident status entitle me to a visa or residence permit?

    The e-Resident status grants its holder solely the right to an electronic signature. This status does not provide for any other privileges, including the right to obtain a residence permit, tax residency, entry or work visas

  • How can I set up a company if I do not have an e-Resident’s digi ID?

    If you do not have an e-Residency card, you can incorporate your company in person when you arrive in Estonia or by submitting a relevant notarised power of attorney to our company lawyers.

  • What is the minimum amount of authorised capital and is it necessary to contribute it?

    The minimum amount of authorized capital of an Estonian company is 0.01 euros. If the registered share capital does not exceed 50,000 euros, then there is no need to separately confirm its contribution.

  • How to choose the right field of activity for the enterprise to be formated?

    When formating a company, it is possible to specify only one intended field of activity from the relevant classifier. The scope of activities designated in the Business Register is of an informative nature and does not constitute a legally binding circumstance.

  • Can another legal entity act as a founder of the company?

    Yes, it is possible.

  • What kind of reporting are Estonian companies required to submit?

    All Estonian legal entities are required to maintain accounting records and submit annual financial reports, regardless of whether they have been actively engaged in business or not.

  • When and how can a company pay dividends to its owners?

    Dividends are paid on the basis of the company’s profit for the previous business year, which is recorded by submitting an annual report to the Business Register. The dividends are subject to income tax at the rate of 20/80, i. e. if you decide to distribute an amount of € 100,000, € 20,000 will constitute the income tax payable and € 80,000 will be paid to the company owners.

  • Is it required to pay a salary to the members of the management board (directors) of the company?

    Members of the management board (directors) of the company have the right not to receive remuneration (salary) for their activities and work related to the management and representation of the company.

  • Should a company pay taxes for freelancers?

    If a company makes payments to employees (including freelancers) who perform work for the company while permanently abroad and, at the same time, are not tax residents of Estonia, then the company does not have the obligation to declare such payments to the Tax and Customs Board and pay taxes to the state treasury.

  • Can an Estonian company buy or invest in crypto or other virtual assets?

    Yes, it is possible. Legal entities registered in Estonia are free to buy and own crypto and invest in crypto assets and other virtual values.

  • Can an Estonian company open a payment account with a foreign bank or payment system?

    Yes it is possible. In recent years, the practice of opening current accounts in payment systems such as Wise, Paysera and Revolut has become quite widespread.

If you have not found an answer to your question, feel free to contact our consultants, lawyers and accountants and we will be happy to help you and together we will find a solution to any situation.

Thank you!

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