Where to Open an Payment Account for an Estonian Company?

Open payment accounts worldwide - Complete freedom of choice for Estonian company owners!

Estonia, known for its digital innovations and favorable business climate, offers unique opportunities for company registration. The process of establishing a business in Estonia is characterized by simplicity, transparency, and a minimal level of bureaucracy, making this country attractive for startups and international enterprises. Registering a company in Estonia not only provides access to the European market but also offers extensive opportunities for conducting business in a digital environment, utilizing modern banking and financial tools.

Why Eesti Firma?

The team at Eesti Firma has specialized in company registration in Estonia for over 10 years, providing expert services in this area. We are proud to have assisted numerous clients from various business sectors in successfully entering the Estonian market.

Our expertise is not limited to registering new enterprises; we are also actively involved in selling ready-made Estonian companies. This offers our clients a unique opportunity to quickly start a business in Estonia with a company that already has established legal and financial frameworks.

Thanks to our deep understanding of Estonian legislation and business practices, we ensure that every registration and company purchase is conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and in compliance with current regulatory requirements.

Need to open a payment account? We can help!

At Eesti Firma, we ensure a quick and simple process of opening a payment account for your business, accompanying you at every step. Our team of experts will select the optimal solution that meets your financial needs, easing your path to successful financial operations.


Pros and Cons of the Estonian Banking System

The Estonian banking system is known for its high reliability, advanced digital technologies, and friendliness to international clients. Estonian banks offer a full range of financial services, including corporate servicing, investment solutions, and personalized approaches to international business. Integrated into the European financial system, they provide a reliable and convenient platform for companies looking to expand their presence in the EU and beyond.

Potential Challenges in Opening an Account for Non-residents

Despite many merits, such as innovation and progressiveness, Estonian banks are also known for their conservative approach in risk policy, especially concerning Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CFT).

Therefore, for successful account opening in an Estonian bank, businesses need to demonstrate a specific connection to Estonia. This may involve conducting active economic activities in the country, having a physical presence through an office or representation, or established business connections within the country. This underscores the importance for companies wishing to open an account in an Estonian bank to thoroughly prepare for the verification process and provide all necessary information proving their connection to Estonia.


EMI and PSP Payment Services: A Modern Alternative to Traditional Banks

Companies registered in Estonia have the freedom to choose regarding the opening of settlement and payment accounts, allowing them not to be limited to Estonian banks but to seek optimal solutions anywhere in the world. This provides significant flexibility in financial planning and access to various international banking and payment systems, particularly important for companies oriented towards the global market and seeking optimal conditions for their business.

Innovative Fintech Solutions

Modern fintech companies and payment systems offer revolutionary solutions for remote account opening and management. Utilizing the latest advances in online banking, mobile applications, and API integrations, they provide ease and flexibility in managing corporate finances. This is especially valuable for Estonian companies aiming for global reach and needing efficient, scalable financial tools.

What are EMI and PSP?

EMI (Electronic Money Institution) and PSP (Payment Service Provider) are companies that create and manage electronic money, like funds in your online wallet. They enable users to store and spend money digitally, facilitating online payments. These service providers specialize in processing payment transactions, ensuring convenience and security in online and in-store payments. Essentially, payment service providers offer internet banking services for receiving and sending payments, comparable to those of traditional banks.

Simple, Fast, and Convenient: Opening an Account in a Payment System

Opening an account in a payment system is often a much simpler and more convenient alternative compared to traditional bank accounts, especially in the context of the Estonian business landscape. This is due to less bureaucracy, more flexible documentation requirements, and expedited account opening procedures. As a result, many local entrepreneurs in Estonia prefer payment systems over traditional banks. Payment systems like Wise and Revolut offer advantages including ease of handling international payments, multi-currency accounts, and low transaction fees. This trend highlights entrepreneurs’ quest for more flexible and efficient financial solutions in a constantly changing economic climate.

Popular Payment Services

Among the multitude of available payment systems, such as Paysera, Wise, Revolut, and Airwallex, Estonian companies can choose the most suitable for their needs. These platforms offer various services, including multi-currency accounts, low transfer fees, convenient mobile apps, and tools for managing corporate finances. Their flexibility and scalability make them an ideal choice for companies seeking to optimize their international financial operations.

Cross-Border Service Providers Accredited in Estonia

The Estonian Financial Supervision Authority’s website features a list of cross-border payment service providers, which is a valuable resource for companies looking for reliable and convenient solutions for account opening. This list includes various providers offering a wide range of services, allowing companies to choose the most suitable partner according to their specific needs and business goals.


Eesti Firma offers a full range of services for company registration in Estonia and assistance in opening payment accounts. With our deep knowledge and experience in this field, we provide our clients with personalized solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our goal is to make the account opening process as simple and efficient as possible, ensuring the success of your business in Estonia and beyond.

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