EORI number in Estonia

Obtaining the EORI number in EU for Estonian company

The EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number is a unique identification number provided to companies and individuals (economic operators) involved in the activities related to export or import of goods from or to the territory of the European Union. The EORI number is used for identification of economic operators and makes the data exchange between enterprises and customs authorities easier.

What is the EORI number for?

The EORI number is required to conduct foreign trade operations within the European Union, including undergoing customs procedures in the EU member states, as well as receiving permissions for export or import of goods. Also, the EORI number is required for issuance of customs import declarations and payment of customs duties, levies and taxes.

Therefore, the EORI number is an important instrument of identification of companies and other persons involved in international trading and conducting international economic activity within the territory of the European Union and is required in order to issue customs documents according to the requirements of the EU legislation.

EORI Registration in Estonia

How do I receive the EORI number in Estonia?

If you import goods to the territory of the EU or export the goods manufactured in the EU to third countries, most probably, your company will need the EORI number to undergo customs procedures.

The EORI number consists of two parts: the two-letter code of the country which provided the number (EE for Estonia) and the unique number consisting of figures and letters. In Estonia, the EORI number is provided by the Tax and Customs Board; this number is issued for an indefinite period. The procedure of receiving the EORI number usually does not take longer than one working day.

Applying for the EORI

You may receive the identification number in the following ways: (1) by submitting the application in the electronic environment of the Tax Board; to do so, the electronic signature is required (the ID card, the e-Residency or the Mobiil-ID); (2) by submitting the declaration at the physical representative office of the customs administration; or (3) by using the services of a professional lawyer or accountant that are going to conduct all the actions for you on the basis of the power of attorney.

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