Is TIN used in Estonia?

What is Tax Identification Number in Estonia?

TIN (Tax Identification Number) is the identification number of a taxpayer (Tax ID) used by tax authorities for identification of taxpayers and controlling their tax liabilities. TIN may be provided to both nature persons and legal entities, and its structure and format may vary, depending on the country.

There is no separate TIN in Estonia

For the purpose of identification of legal entities, the universal personal code (isikukood in Estonian) is used by the Tax and Customs Board, and for legal entities, the registration code (registrikood in Estonian) is used.

The personal code of nature persons consists of 11 figures and is a unique identification number for every citizen or resident of Estonia. The structure of the code reflects the information on the person’s birth date and sex. This number is used for identification at various state and private organizations, including tax administrations.

The registration code of legal entities consists of 8 figures and is a unique number conferred to the company during its introduction to the Commercial Register of Estonia. This number is used for identification of the company at the Tax and Customs Board and other state and private enterprises.

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