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If you want to establish your business within the European Union, then Lithuania represents one of the most attractive jurisdictions for company registration and launching your business project onto the EU’s single market.

Lithuania offers attractive business conditions and a favorable economic environment for the growth of your enterprise. Establishing a company in Lithuania provides numerous opportunities and prospects for the development of your business in the European Union.

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You can register a company in Lithuania either in person or remotely based on a power of attorney. Our lawyers and consultants will help you establish a Lithuanian company and will accompany you throughout the entire process.

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In recent years, many business representatives from around the world have decided to open a company in Lithuania, as Lithuanian jurisdiction offers attractive business conditions and a favorable economic environment for foreign entrepreneurs.

• Population of Lithuania: 2.8 million people
• Currency: Euro (€)
• Ease of Doing Business: 11th place
• Tax Competitiveness Index: 8th place
• Corporate tax in Lithuania: 15%
• Most popular type of company: UAB or Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė

Lithuania is one of the centers of the fintech industry and the innovation sector in Europe. The country is actively developing infrastructure for startups and technology companies, providing support and stimulating innovative projects. Thanks to its membership in the European Union and access to one of the largest markets in the world, establishing a Lithuanian company can provide you with broad opportunities for the development of your business project.


Why should you incorporate an enterprise and launch your business project precisely in Lithuania?

Lithuania is located in the geographical center of Europe, which facilitates access to EU markets, as well as to the Baltic, Scandinavian, and Eastern European countries. The country offers favorable conditions for the development of businesses of almost any direction, attracting investment, international cooperation, and innovation.

  • Low corporate tax

    The standard rate of corporate income tax in Lithuania is 15%, which is one of the lowest indicators in Europe. However, those Lithuanian companies whose gross annual income does not exceed 300,000 euros and who have no more than 10 employees can count on a preferential income tax rate of 5%. Newly registered units can tax taxable profits earned in the first tax period at a corporate tax rate of 0%.

  • Attractive business climate

    For several years now, Lithuania has been conducting an active policy aimed at developing an innovative business environment and attracting foreign entrepreneurs and investors, as evidenced by high positions in the International Tax Competitiveness Index (8th place) and the Ease of Doing Business Index (11th place).

  • Access to the EU single market

    Lithuania has been a full member of the European Union since 2004, which gives entrepreneurs access to a single customs space and a huge internal EU market with more than 500 million consumers.

These and many other advantages make Lithuania an attractive place to register a company and develop your business. Whether you are engaged in international trade, developing IT products, or are a technology startup, fintech company, or blockchain project, Lithuania provides a favorable business environment, innovation support, and efficient access to international markets.

Our lawyers and consultants are ready to help you carry out the procedure for registering a company in Lithuania and lay the foundation for a successful start to your entrepreneurial journey in the single market of the European Union.


What are the ways to start a Lithuanian company?

The process of registering a legal entity in Lithuania is quite simple, transparent, and free from unnecessary bureaucratic procedures. Usually, the signing of the founding documents takes place at a local notary, from where all the materials are then sent for approval to the Center of Registers (Registrų centras).

How to set up a company in Lithuania?

There are several ways to incorporate a company on the territory of the Lithuanian Republic:

  • Establishing a Lithuanian company in person | Price 1000 euros

    Registering a company in person at the notary’s office in Lithuania is a classic way of launch a business. Our lawyers will meet you, answer all your questions, and personally accompany you throughout the process of setting up a Lithuanian company.

  • Remote registration of a Lithuanian company | Price 1250 euros

    Starting a company remotely by notarial power of attorney is one of the most convenient and popular methods for creating your company on the territory of the Lithuanian Republic. Our lawyers will carry out all the necessary procedures and register the company without your personal presence based on the power of attorney you have issued.

  • Buying a ready-made company in Lithuania | Price 1500 euros

    We offer the possibility of purchasing ready-made companies in Lithuania with a pre-paid charter capital. Buying a ready-made Lithuanian company will allow you to launch your business startup in the shortest possible time. All the shelf companies we created were specifically registered for sale and never conducted any economic activities.

No matter which way you choose to register a Lithuanian firm, our lawyers and consultants will accompany you at every stage of the process. We will provide you with the necessary expert assistance and consultations to ensure a smooth and efficient procedure for establishing a company in Lithuania.


Contribution to the authorized capital of a Lithuanian company

Registering a company in Lithuania mandatorily involves the contribution of share capital, the minimum size of which is 1000 euros. The share capital needs to be paid before filing the application for registration of the company in the Register of Legal Entities (Juridinių asmenų registras).

How can I contribute the share capital?

To pay the share capital of the company, first of all, it is necessary to open a startup (deposit) account in a local bank, deposit the required amount of money into it, and provide the state authorities with a bank certificate confirming the contribution of funds. Our lawyers will help you open a startup account for your company and prepare all the documents confirming the contribution of your company’s share capital.

Alternative Opportunities to incorporate a Lithuanian entity

To make the process of establishing a company as convenient for you as possible, we offer you the opportunity to buy a ready-made Lithuanian company with the share capital already contributed or open a company in Lithuania by power of attorney, where our lawyers will open a startup account for you and conduct the company incorporation procedure on your behalf based on a power of attorney. This way you will avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and save precious time.


Everything your Lithuanian company needs for a successful start of operations

Our team is ready to offer you all the necessary services required for successful company registration in Lithuania and the start of your company’s operations within the European Union.

Legal address in Lithuania

We offer legal address services in Lithuania. A registration address for your Lithuanian company: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda. Receiving and forwarding incoming mail.

Accounting services for Lithuanian entities

Full accounting support for business in Lithuania, accounting and financial consulting. Preparation of annual reports, monthly reporting on employee payouts and VAT. Filing declarations with the State Tax Inspectorate, SODRA, the State Data Agency of Lithuania, etc.

Legal services

Qualified legal support in the field of corporate and civil law of the Republic of Lithuania. Legal consulting, analysis, and drafting of contracts and other legal documents, representation of client interests in the resolution of disputes, including in court.

Crypto License in Lithuania

We offer blockchain consulting and comprehensive support in obtaining a crypto license in Lithuania for providing cryptocurrency exchange and storage services and other virtual assets. Full legal support for the crypto license acquisition process, development and implementation of AML/CFT algorithms.

Our team is ready to provide you with professional support and assistance at every stage of your business presence in Lithuania and the European Union. We aspire to be a reliable business partner for you for many years to come and aim to ensure your business project’s entry into the European market is successful and meets your high expectations.


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Company incorporation in Lithuania | FAQ

We often encounter various questions about establishing a business in Lithuania. Our team of lawyers and consultants is ready to assist you in resolving all arising issues. Our goal is to make the process of creating your company simple, understandable, and effective.

Below we have provided some frequently asked questions on the topic of company registration in Lithuania – you might find familiarizing yourself with them relevant:

  • What is the most popular type of company in Lithuania?

    The most popular and in-demand legal form for creating a company in Lithuania is UAB or Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė, which is equivalent to a limited liability company or LLC.

  • Can foreigners be owners of a Lithuanian company?

    Yes, foreigners can 100% be owners and directors of Lithuanian companies.

  • Do I need to have a legal address in Lithuania to register a company?

    Yes, to establish a company in Lithuania, you need to have a legal address in the country. The service of a registration address for 1 year is included in the cost of the company registration service we offer.

  • How long does the process of registering a company in Lithuania take?

    Typically, the process of registering a business in Lithuania takes from a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity and volume of procedures, as well as the chosen method of establishing the company.

  • Is it necessary to contribute share capital when registering a Lithuanian company?

    Yes, contributing share capital in cash is a mandatory requirement for registering a company in Lithuania.

  • What is the minimum share capital amount?

    As of May 1, 2023, the minimum possible share capital amount for a Lithuanian company is 1000 euros.

  • Where can I open a payment account for my Lithuanian company?

    The easiest way to open a current account for your company will be in payment systems such as Paysera, Revolut, or Wise. Also, there are many other payment institutions in Lithuania, whose services you can use to open a payment account.

  • Does a Lithuanian enterprise have to keep accounts?

    Yes, each company must keep accounts and submit an annual report to the state authorities.

  • By what date should the annual report be prepared and submitted?

    Lithuanian companies must prepare and submit the annual report for the expired fiscal year to the Register Centre no later than May 31.

  • What is the corporate income tax rate in Lithuania?

    The standard corporate tax rate in Lithuania is 15%. Small businesses are eligible to apply a reduced rate of 5% (0% in the first year of operation) if their annual income does not exceed 300,000 euros and the company employs no more than 10 employees.

  • What is the deadline for paying corporate income tax?

    The deadline for a Lithuanian company to pay corporate income tax is the 15th of the sixth month from the end of the fiscal year. Most often, when a company’s fiscal year coincides with the calendar year, the indicated deadline falls on June 15th.

Note that specific requirements and procedures may change, so we strongly recommend that you get professional advice from our lawyers before starting the process of registering a company in Lithuania.

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