Estonia: #1 in the International Tax Competitiveness Index

Leading the World with Its Exceptionally Attractive and Innovative Tax System

Choosing a country for business is a key decision for every entrepreneur. In this process, the tax system plays an important role as it can significantly affect the efficiency and profitability of the business. In recent years, Estonia has stood out among other countries due to its innovative and competitive tax policy.

Estonia not only secured the top spot in 2023 in the prestigious International Tax Competitiveness Index (ITCI), but has also maintained this position for over 10 years, making it one of the best places for business, especially within the European Union.

At the Apex of Tax Competitiveness

Estonia: #1 in the Tax Competitiveness Index

Estonia’s leading position in the Tax Competitiveness Index is no coincidence. Over the last decade, the country has tirelessly worked on refining its fiscal system, making it more attractive to international business.

Key factors contributing to this European country’s success include simplicity and transparency in tax legislation, low tax rates, and a welcoming approach to foreign investors.

The International Tax Competitiveness Index (ITCI) is a rating developed by the international research and analytical center Tax Foundation (USA) to evaluate the tax systems of different countries. It measures how well systems contribute to competitiveness and economic neutrality, considering factors such as tax rates, simplicity, and efficiency of taxation.

The Index analyzes corporate and individual taxation, consumer and property taxes, helping to assess how a country’s tax policy affects its attractiveness for business and investment.

A key aspect distinguishing the local tax system from other EU countries is its unique approach to enterprise taxation. Instead of the traditional system where taxes are based on profit, this country adopts a model where tax liability only applies to distributed profits. This means that as long as profits are reinvested into business development, they remain untaxed. This system creates favorable conditions for company growth and development while simplifying and reducing the tax burden.

Estonia’s Attractiveness for Business

Why is Estonia the Most Attractive EU Country for Doing Business?

Estonia is the ideal location for those looking to start or expand their business in the European Union. Firstly, the country has a stable economy and a high degree of digital integration, simplifying many business processes. Secondly, the transparency and simplicity of Estonia’s tax system reduce administrative burdens on entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on developing their venture. Moreover, compared to other EU countries, Estonia offers lower corporate tax rates, making it particularly attractive to international investors.

Corporate Tax Rate at 0%

A Key Advantage of Estonia’s Tax System

One of the main advantages of Estonia’s tax system is the absence of tax on undistributed profits. This means that as long as a company’s profits are reinvested, they are exempt from taxation. This approach significantly differs from traditional taxation systems where taxes are based on a company’s overall profit, regardless of distribution.

This advantage provides entrepreneurs with significant benefits as they can reinvest profits in business development without worrying about tax obligations. As a result, businesses can grow and expand more quickly, becoming more competitive on an international level. This system is one of the key factors making the country particularly attractive for business.

Starting Your Business in Estonia

For entrepreneurs interested in setting up a company in Estonia, the process is straightforward and transparent. Thanks to a developed e-government system, most company-related procedures and actions can be carried out online. Estonia offers a unique e-Residency program, allowing entrepreneurs from other countries to manage their business remotely via the internet. This is especially convenient for international businessmen looking to expand their presence in the EU.


Estonia’s Tax System represents a unique model that combines innovation and efficiency. The absence of tax on undistributed profits makes Estonia one of the most attractive destinations for doing business, especially in the context of the European Union.

Its position in the Tax Competitiveness Index for the last 10 years confirms the effectiveness of the adopted tax model. For businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to expand their ventures in the EU, this European country offers unique opportunities and advantages, just waiting to be leveraged.

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