Company registration in Estonia

Fully Remote Incorporation — Registering a Company in Estonia by power of attorney without your personal presence

Setting up a company in Estonia remotely by power of attorney is one of the most convenient ways to restablish an enterprise and launch your business project. This method is ideal for those who value their time and for whom planning a trip to Tallinn goes against their business plans and busy life schedule.

How can I register an Estonian company without being present in person?

In order to set up a company in person, you will need to draw up a set of notarised documents, on the basis of which our lawyers will carry out the enterprise registration procedure on your behalf. You do not have to worry about anything – our consultants will provide you with clear guidance on how to draw up and notarise all the necessary documents.

Why should you choose us?

Our specialists have been registering Estonian companies for over 10 years. Over the years of activity, we have gained valuable experience and have helped register more than 1000 companies. We guarantee reliability and efficiency – our lawyers will carry out the procedure of your company registration within 5 days from the moment of receipt of the original notarised powers of attorney and other required documents.


Main stages when conducting remote registration of a company in Estonia by proxy

The procedure for setting up a business and registering a company in Estonia remotely on the basis of the notarised power of attorney consists of the following steps:

Preliminary consultation

Our specialists will discuss with you the details and nuances of the forthcoming procedure for the remote establishment of your company, as well as answer all your questions regarding the start of business activities and further management of your enterprise.

Issuance of notarised powers of attorney

To carry out the remote company registration procedure, we will need: a notarised power of attorney issued to our company’s lawyers, and a notarised copy of the passport of the future founder. We will provide you with a template of power of attorney and a guidance on certifying documents. It will be necessary to send the originals of notarised documents to us by courier delivery.

Preparation of the company establishment procedure

After receiving the original notarised powers of attorney and agreeing with you the details of the forthcoming company registration procedure, our consultants will reserve time at the notary office and prepare the draft constituent acts and articles of association for your company.

Conducting the company establishment procedure

Our lawyers will carry out the company establishment procedure at the notary office in Tallinn, Estonia, and sign the constituent acts and other necessary documents on your behalf, acting on the basis of the notarised power of attorney you have previously granted.

Adding the enterprise to the Commercial Register of Estonia

All company incorporation documents drawn up at the notary office are submitted for processing and consideration to the Commercial Register, which enters the enterprise into the register of legal entities within 5 working days.

Upon completion of the process described above, you will be able to get acquainted with all the company’s data, as well as receive copies of the company’s constituent documents in electronic form on the Internet portal of the Estonian Commercial Register.


What documents and information do we need to carry out the company registration procedure by proxy?

To prepare and carry out the company registration procedure remotely without your personal presence in Tallinn, Estonia, we need the following documents and information:

Notarised power of attorney for company registration;

Notarised copy of an identity document;

Suggested name for the company to be established (2-3 options);

Planned field of activity of the enterprise to be registered;

Contact details of the company to be registered (telephone number and e-mail).

We will provide you with power of attorney templates in your preferred language, as well as give advice and guidance on the preparation of the notarial documents required for company registration. In the process of agreeing on details and nuances, we will ask you to fill out client questionnaires in order to clarify and record all the important circumstances related to your future enterprise.


How much does it cost to open a firm without being personally present?

The cost of a company registration service by notarised power of attorney without personal presence consists of the following components:

Legal support – 550 euros

Notary services – 150 euros

State fee – 200 euros

Legal address service for 1 year – 150 euros

Contact person service for 1 year – 150 euros

The total cost of setting up an enterprise on a turnkey basis – 1,100 euros

If you have any specific wishes regarding the conditions and nuances of the procedure for setting up your enterprise in Estonia, please contact our experts for a personalised price quotation.


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Establishing a company in Estonia is the best solution for starting and further developing your business in the European Union.

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