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Salary for foreign freelancers

If a non-resident performs work while being outside Estonia, the remuneration received by him is not subject to income tax in Estonia. Also, a company that has paid remuneration to a foreigner does not have any obligation to declare such payment to the Tax and Customs Board.

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DAO startup in Estonia

The DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a decentralized autonomous organization, which is a structure in which traditional centralized management is replaced by innovative technological solutions and open software code. The DAO concept is built largely on the idea of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, which allows the use of smart contracts and tokens to ensure the continuity and transparency of management decisions and management of internal processes of the DAO project.

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WEB3 startup in Estonia

Web3, or Web 3.0, is the third generation of the Internet, which aims to create a decentralized network, based on blockchain technology and distributed data storage. In contrast to earlier concepts of Internet technology development (Web 1.0 and Web 2.0), Web3 emphasizes decentralization, privacy and user ownership of data on the network. Also, one of the goals of Web3 is to create ecosystems in which participants can be rewarded for their contributions or participation in decentralized projects.

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The procedure for the contact person appointment in Estonia since February 2023.

1 февраля 2023 года вступил в силу отдельный Закон о Коммерческом регистре Эстонии, в который были перенесены постановления о контактном лице, ранее содержавшиеся в Коммерческом кодексе. В дополнение к изменению правового акта, который регулирует институт контактного лица для эстонских предприятий, также были уточнены некоторые моменты, касаемые порядка назначения и срока действия данной услуги.

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Contribution of the share capital of the Estonian company

The share capital of the Estonian company is the amount of money that the founders of the company shall contribute when registering it. The designated amount is usually used to protect the creditors of the enterprise and provide financial stability of the company. The authorized capital can be used to finance the company’s activities and purchase various assets. However, the enterprise should make sure that the share capital does not fall below the minimum level established by the legislation of Estonia.

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Advantages of a company in Estonia

Do you want to start a business and register a company in Europe? We recommend that you consider opening your company in Estonia since it has many assets and stands out among other European Union countries.

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