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Selection and change of the field of activity

The sphere of activity of an Estonian company is selected from the specialized classifier of economic activities EMTAK with the accuracy of 5 digits. The EMTAK classifier is an adapted version of the international harmonized NACE classifier of types of activities.

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Deadline for the annual report submission in Estonia

In accordance with § 179 of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Estonia, every enterprise registered in Estonia is obliged to submit a financial report regarding the results of its business activities (annual report) within 6 months from the date of closing the business year.

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Accountant’s consultation

The accountant’s consultation is, first of all, the expert assistance in solving the issues related to accounting and taxation of enterprise business activities. The accounting consultation may include both clarification of accounting records maintenance rules, tax reporting preparation and execution of the other financial documents, as well as consulting in the field of optimization of tax payments of company and reduction of tax expenditures.

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To open a company in Estonia by power of attorney

We offer services for setting up a business in the EU and opening companies in Estonia remotely on the basis of a notarised power of attorney.

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Changes to VASP regulation in Lithuania in 2022/2023

In this article we will look at the changes in AML legislation in Lithuania, which concern the activities of Lithuanian cryptocurrency companies, cryptocurrency exchangers and VASPs and come into force on November 1, 2022.

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Registration of an NFT company or marketplace in Estonia

NFT teenused Euroopas. Alustage oma NFT projektiga Eestis. NFT ettevõtete ja NFT turuplatside registreerimine Eestis. Täielik juriidiline tugi NFT-iga alustavatele ettevõtetele.

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Registering a company in Estonia in person

We provide you with the option to start a business and register it in person at a notary in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Investments in Cryptocurrency and Crypto Assets

Can companies registered in Estonia invest in cryptocurrency and crypto assets? This article will cover the main points related to the purchases of cryptocurrency, crypto-assets, tokens and NFTs on behalf of an Estonian company.

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Annual report for Estonian companies

Preparing and filing the report for the business year (annual report) is mandatory for all legal entities and enterprises that are registered and operating in Estonia.

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