How much does an annual report cost?

Annual report for your Estonian company: How much does financial reporting cost and how can you save?

Preparing an annual report is an inevitable task for any entrepreneur who runs their business in Estonia, but the cost of this procedure can vary significantly. The price depends on many factors: whether your company was active during the year, the volume of transactions, and the quality of your accounting documentation. Let’s examine what you need to pay attention to when preparing the report and what the approximate costs can be.

For inactive companies

If your Estonian company was inactive during the year, meaning it did not conduct any operations requiring entry in the accounting records, the cost of preparing and submitting the annual report will be relatively low. The minimum cost of this service is 150 euros. This includes the preparation of the necessary forms and their submission to the relevant tax authorities. The amount is quite small, as the workload for the accountant is minimal.

For active companies

The situation changes drastically if your company was economically active. Here, many aspects need to be considered:

Transaction volume: The more bank transactions and other accounting transactions, the more complex and labor-intensive the process of collecting, processing, and organizing data becomes.

Quality of primary accounting documentation: How well-organized the accounting is, and the presence of all necessary documents — all this affects the speed of the accountant’s work.

Industry-specific features: Some industries require a special approach to reporting due to specific regulations or taxation.

In such cases, the price for preparing the report starts from several hundred euros and can reach several thousand. However, if talking about the average cost, it usually fluctuates around 500 euros. This means that for most entrepreneurs, the cost of preparing the report will be approximately this amount, but it’s important to understand that each case is individual.

How to save?

Preparing an annual report is not only a duty but also an opportunity to analyze company activities, optimize processes, and possibly even reduce costs. Here are some tips on how to reduce expenses on accounting services:

Maintain order in your documentation. The more organized your accounting, the less time the accountant will need to prepare the report.

Use modern accounting software. It helps automate many processes and reduces the time required for reporting.

Regularly communicate with your accountant. Discussing current issues will help avoid problems when preparing the annual report.

Preparing an annual report is an important process that requires attention to detail and understanding of the specifics of your business. We hope this information helps you better navigate accounting reporting and budget planning for these purposes.

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