Estonian Company Setup for Latvians

Unraveling the Benefits - Why many Latvians are turning to Estonia for efficient company registration and more.

In the rapidly evolving global business landscape, it’s no surprise that savvy entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for jurisdictions offering optimal operational environments.

Unlocking Tax Benefits and Financial Flexibility of Estonia

Setting up a company in Estonia has become an increasingly attractive proposition, especially for our neighbors in Latvia. Eesti Firma, with its impressive lineage of over a decade in the domain of corporate law, stands poised to facilitate this transition.

Why are Latvians Entrepreneurs Looking to Estonia?

Estonian companies: A Business Haven for Latvians

Latvia and Estonia, two Baltic sisters, each have their merits when it comes to business. However, company formation in Estonia offers distinctive advantages, making it an appealing destination for Latvians. Here’s a deeper exploration:

Taxation in Estonia

One of the standout features of starting a business in Estonia is the absence of tax on undistributed profits. This means companies can reinvest their profits into business growth without the immediate burden of taxation. Such a system provides businesses with greater financial flexibility.

Ease of Registration

If there’s one thing that resonates with entrepreneurs globally, it’s the promise of hassle-free registration processes. Whether you start a company in Estonia in person or choose the remote path via power of attorney, you’re assured of a streamlined process.

Minimal Initial Investment

The remarkably low share capital requirement, as minimal as 0.01 euros, ensures that businesses, irrespective of their size, can venture into the Estonian market without heavy initial financial commitments.


Launching a business in Estonia is to embrace the future. With initiatives like e-Residency, entrepreneurs can manage their operations online seamlessly. This is particularly beneficial for those who manage operations from Latvia but have chosen Estonia for company incorporation.

Banking and Finances

Once you’ve completed your company registration in Estonia, accessing global payment platforms becomes a breeze. With options like Wise, Paysera, and Revolut at your disposal, financial management is simplified.

Drawing comparisons, while Latvia offers a familiar environment, the advanced digital infrastructure, favorable tax regime, and the ease of setting up a company in Estonia make the latter an undeniable frontrunner for business expansion.

Starting a Company in Estonia: Your Gateway to Business Success in Estonia

Understanding the intricacies of company formation in Estonia can be challenging. That’s where we step in. At Eesti Firma, our experienced team of lawyers, consultants, and accountants is committed to ensuring that your journey of company incorporation in Estonia is smooth and efficient.

Estonia’s Business Landscape: What Sets It Apart?

Estonia beckons with a promise of a robust business environment, and Eesti Firma is here to help you harness it. For Latvians eyeing expansion or those simply wanting to leverage the benefits of the Estonian market, now is the opportune moment.

As you contemplate the future of your enterprise, consider the myriad advantages that starting a business in Estonia can offer. And when you’re ready to make the leap, remember that Eesti Firma is your steadfast partner in this venture.


If our offering captivates your interest and aligns with your business aspirations, we encourage you to reach out. Eesti Firma stands as a beacon of professionalism and efficiency in the realm of company registration in Estonia. Your journey towards establishing a formidable business presence in Estonia begins with a simple, yet significant, step – making contact with our dedicated team.

Eesti Firma: Elevate Your Business Ambitions

Trust in our seasoned professionals to deliver comprehensive services tailored meticulously to meet your unique needs. With our deep well of experience and a treasure trove of industry insights, we are adept at facilitating a smooth and successful company registration process. Allow us the privilege to propel your business into a future shimmering with promise and profitability.

In our hands, your vision will be nurtured, cultivated, and meticulously guided towards flourishing success in the Estonian business landscape.

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