Company registration in Estonia for e-Residents from Spain

Start a company in Estonia fully remote. Online corporate services for e-Residents from among Spanish citizens.

Opening a company in Estonia can be quickly and easily done online. Thus, each year, Estonia becomes an increasingly popular destination among Spanish entrepreneurs for establishing their companies outside of Spain with the aim of reducing business risks and optimizing the tax burden.

What makes Estonia especially attractive?

Thanks to innovative solutions, a business-friendly climate, and an attractive tax system in which income tax is levied only on amounts distributed as dividends, Estonia offers a unique opportunity to diversify one’s business and to harness cutting-edge digital innovations.

E-Residency Program

The innovative e-Residency program, launched in 2014 and aimed at attracting foreign investment and business to Estonia, allows entrepreneurs to establish companies online and greatly facilitates business management by allowing all actions with their legal entity to be done remotely online.

E-Residents from Spain

The number of e-Residents from Spain is actively increasing every month. As of 2023, nearly 5,000 Spanish citizens are e-Residents in Estonia – they have registered over 2,000 companies.


Why is the Estonian jurisdiction popular among residents of Spain?

Estonia, known for its digital innovations and progressive economic policies, has been attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world for many years. A favorable business climate and an optimal tax environment provide all the conditions for successful entrepreneurial activities and sustainable business development of almost any direction.

Main benefits of an Estonian company for Spanish entrepreneurs

Spanish entrepreneurs actively use the opportunity to relocate their business to Estonia. Thus, in recent years, Estonia has become one of the most attractive destinations for Spanish citizens to establish their business in the European Union for the following reasons:

Attractive tax system

Estonia’s tax system has long been considered one of the most attractive in Europe. In Estonia, there is no corporate tax on retained earnings – Estonian companies pay income tax only when dividends are distributed.

Absence of bureaucracy

The process of registering a company in Estonia is simplified and automated to the maximum. Thanks to innovative technologies, entrepreneurs can establish their company online in just a few hours.


Estonia was one of the first countries to introduce the concept of e-government. Residents and entrepreneurs can access most government services online, saving time, reducing bureaucracy, and simplifying processes.

Membership in the European Union

Being an EU member, Estonia provides entrepreneurs with access to the single European market, simplifying trade and cooperation with EU countries.

The above circumstances highlight the advantages of Estonia as a choice of jurisdiction for establishing your business in the EU – Estonia offers optimal conditions for Spanish businessmen seeking stability, innovation, and openness to new opportunities within the European Union.


How can Spanish citizens register an Estonian company?

For many entrepreneurs from Spain, registering a company in Estonia is becoming an increasingly attractive option. One of the main tools making this process most convenient and efficient is e-Residency.

Setting up an Estonian company online via e-Residency | 1 day, Price from 365€

Establishing a company via e-Residency can be done by anyone in just a few hours. Thus, with the help of e-Residency, Spanish citizens can register their companies in Estonia remotely online through the Business Register portal without leaving their home country – this not only saves time and resources but also provides access to Estonia’s advanced digital ecosystem.

Remote business management online

The Estonian e-Residency program provides Spanish entrepreneurs with maximum convenience in managing their company: from opening a bank account to filing tax returns – everything is done online.

Corporate services in Estonia

Our company offers comprehensive support for Spanish citizens regarding establishing a business in Estonia. We will consult and answer all your questions, assist in the procedure of establishing an Estonian company, and provide all necessary additional services such as legal address, contact person, and accounting.


Procedure for obtaining electronic residency in Estonia by Spanish residents

Obtaining e-Residency in Estonia is a simple, convenient, and quick process that will integrate your enterprise into the European business space.

How can I become an e-Resident of Estonia?

Start by filling out the online form on the official website of the Estonian e-Residency program and paying the corresponding fee. Once your application is approved, you will become an e-Resident, giving you access to numerous electronic services of the Estonian e-state, including the ability to start a business and manage the company online.

Where in Spain can I physically receive my e-Residency kit?

You can pick up the e-Residency starter kit at the Estonian Republic consulate in Madrid, the mobile pick-up point in Barcelona, or other locations around the world.


Alternative ways to establish a company in Estonia

Although e-Residency offers a very simple and convenient method to start a business in Estonia, it’s not the only option available to Spanish citizens.
For those without e-Residency status, Estonia provides other equally convenient and effective company formation methods:

Establish a company in Estonia in-person | 1-5  days, Price from 550€

One such method is incorporating a company in Estonia by visiting in-person. Our experts will prepare all the necessary founding documents, book a suitable time with a local notary, and accompany you throughout the entire procedure.

Start a company remotely via power of attorney | 5-10 days, Price from 750€

Another approach is establishing an Estonian company remotely through a power of attorney. You’ll need to provide a power of attorney to our lawyers, who will undertake all procedures related to the establishment of the company on your behalf. This saves you time and allows you to set up your enterprise without personally visiting Estonia.

Thus, even if you don’t have e-Residency status, Estonia offers flexible and transparent company registration possibilities suitable for various situations and circumstances.


Start the procedure for registering your business today!

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