Where is the best place to set up a company?

Why Estonia is the Ideal Location for Your Business Registration? Advantages of the Tax System and e-Residency

In an era of globalization, where businesses aim to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, the importance of choosing the right location for company registration cannot be overstated. This decision affects everything from taxation and legal compliance to access to cutting-edge technologies and international markets.

How to choose the best jurisdiction for company registration?

In this context, making the right jurisdiction choice for establishing an enterprise can significantly ease entry into new markets and ensure long-term business stability and growth.

Which country is the easiest to start a company in?

Many factors play a crucial role in choosing a location for company registration, ranging from economic stability to access to innovative technologies. A country offering a unique combination of a business-friendly environment, advanced digital infrastructure, and an attractive tax policy tops the list for modern entrepreneurs.

The Ideal Environment for Business: Innovation Plus Ease of Business Management

Particularly attractive are those locations where government support for innovation is combined with effective measures to simplify the process of starting and running a business. Such an environment opens new horizons for global growth and expansion, providing entrepreneurs with all the necessary tools for international success.

Why Estonia?

In this context, Estonia stands out as one of the most appealing and promising choices for establishing a company on the international stage. Despite its small geographical size, it is a true technological giant – in recent decades the country has rapidly advanced in the digital space, becoming one of the world’s most advanced digital societies.

The Digital Revolution with e-Residency

Estonia implemented one of the first e-government systems, provided widespread internet coverage across its territory, and launched an ambitious e-Residency program, a pioneering solution in digital identification.

Estonia – Your Top Choice

This article delves into why Estonia is attracting global entrepreneurial attention. We assess its tax system and explore the conveniences and advantages of the e-Residency program, understanding how these factors, along with others, make this European country the ideal place for international business growth.

The Advantages of Estonia’s Tax System

Zero Corporate Tax Rate – Key to Your Business Success

One of the key advantages of Estonia is its unique tax system, particularly in terms of corporate tax – it applies a zero corporate tax rate on retained earnings. This means that profit left in the company and reinvested in its development is not taxed. This is a stark contrast to most other countries’ tax systems, where companies are required to pay tax on profits, whether distributed or reinvested.

Invest in Development: Zero Tax on Retained Earnings in Estonia

This policy provides significant financial advantages for businesses. Companies can use their revenues more effectively for expansion, investing in new projects, or improving products and services. This not only promotes the growth of the companies themselves but also strengthens the economic development of the entire country.

Simplicity and Transparency: Key Aspects of Estonia’s Tax System

Compared to other countries, Estonia’s tax system offers a unique combination of simplicity and transparency, making it particularly attractive to international entrepreneurs and investors. It’s important to note that the zero corporate tax rate does not lead to a reduction in the quality of government services. Estonia successfully combines efficient tax policy with a high level of social protection and infrastructure development.

Company Registration and e-Residency

Start Your Company in Just a Few Days

Estonia attracts entrepreneurs not only with its tax system but also with its unique e-Residency program. This revolutionary digital solution allows entrepreneurs from around the world to register and manage an Estonian company entirely online. This program grants access to Estonia’s digital infrastructure, including e-governance, banking services, and even electronic document signing.

Fast and Simple: Starting a Business in Estonia with e-Residency

The process of registering a company in Estonia through e-Residency is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. It does not require physical presence in Estonia and can be completed in a short time frame. Additionally, the system supports multilingualism, simplifying understanding and completion of all necessary procedures for non-residents.

Manage Your Estonian Company from Anywhere in the World!

E-Residency provides access to a developed and reliable business ecosystem. Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to conduct business in the European Union while minimizing bureaucratic procedures and costs. The program ensures a high level of security and transparency, which is crucial for international business.
In conclusion, e-Residency is not just a tool for simplifying the process of registering and managing a business, but also a symbol of Estonia’s commitment to innovation and digital integration in business processes.

Success Stories: Skype, Wise, and Bolt

A Business Hub for Innovation and Startups

Estonia is home to several major global technology startups, demonstrating the country’s potential as an innovative business hub. Examples like Skype, Wise (formerly TransferWise), and Bolt vividly illustrate how the Estonian business environment fosters the development of global companies.

Skype: A Symbol of Estonia’s Tech Sector Success

Skype, one of the most well-known internet communication applications, was created by Estonian developers. This project became a symbol of Estonian software and technological innovation success. Skype drew attention to the country as a place with high potential in the IT sphere.

Wise: The Story of an Estonian Startup Becoming a Financial Giant

Wise, a company providing financial services for international money transfers, also originated in Estonia. Wise utilized the advantages of the Estonian infrastructure for startups to grow into a large international financial organization, revolutionizing the ways of international money transfers.

Bolt: An Estonian Beginning, Global Expansion

Bolt, a transport call and food delivery service, started as a local startup but quickly expanded to an international level. Bolt demonstrates how the Estonian approach to business, including favorable tax policy and support for innovative ideas, can help a local startup become a global player.

These success stories underline why Estonia is considered an attractive country for registering and developing companies, especially in the field of high technology.


Estonia has proven its effectiveness as a place for registering and growing companies. Its tax system with zero tax on retained earnings, the innovative e-Residency program, and successful examples of global brands like Skype, Wise, and Bolt, are key factors making Estonia the ideal country for business.

Estonia: Where Business Meets the Future

Combining convenience, transparency, and support for innovation, Estonia offers a unique platform for entrepreneurs looking to develop their business on a global scale. It’s a place where technology and entrepreneurial spirit combine to create the perfect conditions for success.

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