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Individual accounting consulting, tax and financial consulting for your company

The accountant’s consultation is, first of all, the expert assistance in solving the issues related to accounting and taxation of enterprise business activities. The accounting consultation may include both clarification of accounting records maintenance rules, tax reporting preparation and execution of the other financial documents, as well as consulting in the field of optimization of tax payments of company and reduction of tax expenditures.

Accounting consultation can be useful for any company, regardless of its size and sector of activity, if there is a need for qualified assistance concerning solving issues related to accounting, calculating tax burden, payroll management, etc.

For successful functioning of any enterprise, it is important to arrange and set up accounting in a proper way in order to be able to prepare and submit reports to the government authorities in a timely manner, fulfill tax obligations fully and have holistic view of financial state of the enterprise.


Our specialists are competent to render you consulting services regarding any accounting and taxation issues of the activities of Estonian companies, including the ones concerning the topic of arranging and setting up the effective system for accounting transactions, receipts and expenditures of your enterprise, preparing all the necessary reports and optimizing tax burden of your business.

Taxation of Estonian companies

Our team of experts will help you making sense of the Estonian taxation system. We will provide you with a detailed overview of tax rates and principles for charging the underlying types of taxes (income tax, VAT, etc.), as well as advise you regarding optimization of tax payments and reducing the costs of the enterprise related to taxation.

Basic accounting principles

Accountants of our company will help you to see into all the nuances of accounting records maintenance, including advice regarding arrangement of correct accounting of deals and transactions, collection and storage of primary accounting documentation and discuss with you the possibilities of process automation and digitalization.

Financial and tax reporting

During consultation we will discuss in detail the requirements applied to financial (annual report) and tax reporting (VAT and income tax) with you, as well as discuss the basic rules for preparation and submission of reports for your Estonian company, as well as the timing and frequency of submitting reports to regulatory authorities.

Distribution of profits and payment of dividends

Our team of experts will help you making sense of the rules of profit distribution in Estonian company and preparation of the necessary tax reports, as well as provide expert assistance concerning preparation and submission of the appropriate documents. If required, we will offer consulting on the topic of optimizing tax burden if the founders (recipients of dividends) are not tax residents of Estonia, including through double taxation treaties.

Employment of employees and payroll accounting

The specialists of our company will advise you on the issue of legal requirements for employment, as well as tell you about the payroll accounting rules for employees of Estonian enterprises. We will help you to draw up all the necessary documents and agreements, calculate taxes and other dues related to payroll payment, as well as prepare reports for regulatory authorities.

The accountant’s consultation in Estonia can be useful for companies of any size, ranging from small startups to large corporations. High-quality accounting consulting will help the enterprises to reduce some risks and avoid violations of tax regulations, as well as manage their finances and tax reporting effectively.

Contact us and you will receive individual approach and professional support in solving all the issues related to accounting of your Estonian company.

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