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Many entrepreneurs from around the world choose Lithuania to carry out their business plans and expand their opportunities in the European market. The stability and support from the government make the Lithuanian jurisdiction an attractive place for long-term business partnerships and investments.

Our team is proud to provide professional assistance to entrepreneurs who want to start their business in the Republic of Lithuania.


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Company registration in Lithuania provides many opportunities for business development in the European Union, as Lithuania offers a favorable economic environment, attractive tax conditions, and access to the single market of the European Union.

Our experienced lawyers and consultants will provide comprehensive support and assistance to successfully launch and run your business in this country. Trust our expertise and we will make the process of establishing your company in Lithuania quick and easy.


Main reasons that make Lithuania an especially attractive place to establish a company

Lithuania is an attractive jurisdiction for setting up a company and doing business for many reasons. Thus, the most significant arguments that determine the choice of Lithuania as a place for establishing your business in the EU are:

Favorable tax policy

Lithuania offers attractive tax rates for companies, including a low corporate income tax (15%) and favorable conditions for investors and entrepreneurs.

Access to the European market

Thanks to membership in the European Union, companies registered in Lithuania get the benefits of access to the EU’s single market without customs barriers and trade restrictions.

Simple registration procedure

Company registration in Lithuania is a relatively simple and transparent process that allows you to quickly start a business and begin economic activity.

Modern digital infrastructure

Lithuania is one of the leading countries in digital innovation, offering electronic identification, electronic services, and convenient banking operations.

Support for start-ups and innovation

Lithuania actively supports start-ups and innovative projects, providing financial and infrastructure support for business development.

Stable economy

Lithuania has a stable and developing economy, which contributes to the creation of a favorable business environment and the growth of companies.

Geographic location

Lithuania’s location in the very center of Europe makes it strategically important for international business operations and logistics.

All these advantages make Lithuania an attractive place for establishing a company and developing a business, attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our team is ready to provide professional assistance and support to help you make the most of the advantages of the Lithuanian jurisdiction.


Our lawyers and consultants are your key to successful business in Lithuania

Our team of lawyers and consultants has deep knowledge of Lithuanian legislation and experience in registering Lithuanian companies. We understand that each client is unique and has their own special needs, so we strive to provide an individual approach and quality service to each of them.

Full legal support

We offer full support at all stages of company registration – from choosing a legal form and preparing necessary documents to submitting the application and interacting with government bodies. Our goal is to make the registration process simple, understandable, and effective so that our clients can focus on developing their business.

Your reliable partner

We strive to provide a high level of professionalism and are confident that our services will help clients successfully launch and develop their business in Lithuania. With our experience, knowledge, and individual approach, we are confident that we will become a reliable partner for everyone who wants to carry out their entrepreneurial plans in this attractive country.


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We will provide a fast and comfortable procedure for registering a Lithuanian company, and will also accompany your company on all current legal and accounting issues. Trust our knowledge and experience, and we will help you successfully launch a business in Lithuania in the shortest possible time!

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